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Let Your Astrological Sign Help Choose Your Next HBO SHow

HBO's original programming continues to win awards year after year. They takes chances, allowing creators to go in new directions so that viewing audiences are intrigued. Because the stories and characters are so compelling, we keep going back for more. But with all the shows to choose from, you might need some help in selecting the one that will most appeal to you. Why not align your viewing with your sign? Here are some suggestions to help you winnow down your choice:

Aries: True Detective. Each season the story and the actors in this series are completely new, bringing new talent and new crimes to solve. Aries, you love being a beginner, and this series will keep you in your favorite position—first!

Taurus: Girls. Taurus, the complex experience of young women and their relationships will fascinate you. Girls is inspired by star Lena Dunham's real life as a twenty-something in New York City.

Gemini: In Treatment. This series follows a therapist and the clients he treats, offering the thrill of getting into the mind of others and learning what makes them tick. Gemini, you'll be captivated and waiting to see what happens next.

Cancer: Six Feet Under. This series about a family with many complicated issues will speak to your heart, dear Cancer. And be sure to watch the entire series. The last show has got to be the best series finale ever.

Leo: Game of Thrones: Leo, this program is bigger than life. The story lines are many and vast, and every character is nuanced. You can't look away from this highly awarded HBO series about the struggle for power.

Virgo: True Blood. True Blood will rock your perfect little world Virgo, and you'll love the motion. The lead character is perfection, and her blood is desired by the most powerful vampires. The mystical characters in this series about love and politics will spin your head.

Libra: Big Love. Yes, this is a series about a polygamous family of Mormons. But truthfully, it provides in insider's peek at a complicated world of relationships. Libra, relating is what you do best, and you'll get a whole new perspective here.

Scorpio: The Wire. The Wire focuses on the relationships between the police and young African American drug dealers in Baltimore. The story line is intense and dark; the acting is raw and believable. Scorpio, you will be riveted by this HBO series.

Sagittarian: Entourage. The Hollywood game is big money, big talk, and big risks. This series features a movie star and his three comrades, along with his highly entertaining agent, who has even fewer scruples than Carly Fiornina. Sag, you will be thoroughly engaged and entertained.

Capricorn: Hung. Okay Capricorn, this series highlights what hard work really can be. A high school teacher decides to become a prostitute to make ends meet. He has such a large penis that women are willing to pay for time and sex with him. Let the wild rumpus begin!

Aquarius: Sex and the City. Carrie is a resident of New York City, a writer, and a friend to several fabulous other women. Yes, this show is about friends living full lives together. They help one another through the good and the bad. Every Aquarius can find herself in the connection these women create.

Pisces: Enlightened. Enlightened is a short-lived but fascinating show about a woman who has an overwhelming desire to do something good and make a difference. Pisces, with your evolved perspective, you'll relate to both the lead character's desire and her challenges in executing her good ideas.

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