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Documentaries for Your Sign

Documentary films can be one of the best methods of gathering information. Unlike features, they tend to offer a perspective discovered from years of careful research. Looking for a good documentary? What documentary film from 2015 will engage your astrological sun sign?

Aries: Meru. Aries, this documentary follows three climbers as they scale Mount Meru in the Indian Himalayans. It's a film about human survival, friendship, and persistence.

Taurus: Iris. A film about Iris Apfel, an interior designer who became a fashion icon. Taurus, your love for beauty and style will have you in a state of bliss.

Gemini: Cartel Land. This documentary is set in Arizona and follows Tim Foley as he patrols the desert for people who bring immigrants into the country illegally. Gemini, the true experience of good and evil will be very relatable for you.

Cancer: All Things Must Pass. Cancer, you are the keeper of history. This film follows the fall of Tower Records, an iconic music store for many Americans.

Leo: Finders Keepers. Shannon Whisnant always wanted to be a celebrity and her opportunity to become one arose oddly out of finding a severed foot. What does it cost to be a star and what are some willing to do in order to attain stardom? Leo this is a unique perspective on what can happen in the pursuit of fame.

Virgo: Something Better to Come. This documentary follows a family that lives in the largest junkyard in Russia. Virgo, this film displays the opposite of perfection; it dives deep into your desire to serve others.

Libra: Chuck Norris vs. Communism: This unconventional film follows the way in which Norris's films helped defeat the communist Ceausescu regime in Romania. Libra, your call to balance and harmony will be sparked by this film.

Scorpio: (T)Error. This documentary allows the viewer to see how the FBI really works but it is filled with unforeseen twist and turns. Like the best kind of thriller, it will have you on your edge of your seat, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Going Clear. Sagittarius, with your fascination with philosophy and religion, you'll be intrigued by this documentary containing interviews with former members of Scientology.

Capricorn: Uncertain. Caddo Lake is a large swamp between Louisiana and Texas. When an unknown force enters the swamp and starts killing the fish, the residents' livelihoods are threatened. This is a story of survival that Capricorns will appreciate.

Aquarian: How to Change the World. In 1971, a group of hippies from Vancouver decided to sail to Alaska to protest a nuclear test the US was performing. That small group started Greenpeace. Aquarius. your call to change the world is just what this documentary captures.

Pisces: Montage of Heck. This documentary captures Kurt Cobain's experience of his life in his own words. Pisces, your creative nature will respond strongly to this artist's story.

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