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Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius, Oh My!

Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

The sun will be stationed in Sag for the next several weeks, so it's a good time to explore one of the major astrological aspects that is happening now and for another two years. Saturn is the planet of lessons; the planet of withholding and resistance to change. Wherever Saturn was in your chart during the time of your birth will be where you experience some of your biggest life lessons and where you are likely to experience your most profound growth. Saturn in Sagittarius creates an interesting energy because Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the sign of expansion, travel, philosophy, and many loves, while Saturn is the opposite of Sagittarius, grounded, challenging, and slow moving. With Saturn and the sun both in the Sagittarius mansion, we might struggle with our religious and spiritual beliefs. We might also feel a deep sense of loneliness during this holiday season, as Saturn can make connecting difficult, something Sagittarius usually does with ease. Below are some tools and suggestions to support you during the time while the sun and Saturn have joined ranks in Sagittarius.

Do Forgiveness Work

Forgiveness work, what's that? you ask. Forgiveness work can take many shapes, but for the sake of simplicity, it's a concerted effort to forgive yourself and others for disappointments and resentments that occurred during the year. That coworker who didn't acknowledge how much you contributed to the project can be forgiven now. The argument with your sibling about something that happened decades ago can be forgiven. The five pounds you gained this year can be forgiven. Anything you are holding on to can be forgiven during this time, because Saturn gives us the force we need to dig deep and pull up old energies that hold us back. Our forgiveness work is all the more impactful now because the light of the sun shines a brightness on aspects of ourselves we may have missed previously. And finally, Sagittarius is about expansion and forgiveness is the pathway to expansion. This might not be a fun thing to do but it will prove worthy in the future.

Expand Your Mind

Sagittarius loves philosophy and religion. With Jupiter as its ruler, Sagittarius usually has an expansive view of God, spirituality, and religious practices. Saturn in Sagittarius could mean that we are tempted to double down on our religious views and stay as we always been, but the call is to actually challenge our perspectives, open our minds, and grow. The sun's placement will help you see clearly your challenging beliefs and the expansive nature of Sagittarius will help you move past ideas that are limiting. I remind you that lessons from Saturn are never easy but they are beneficial.

Get Busy

One of the fun aspects of Sagittarius is its thirst for life and new adventures. Sagittarians are rarely satisfied with the status quo and will go out of their way for new adventures. They need to stay stimulated and guess what, stimulation keeps the mind expanding. If you happen to be a stick in the mud, unwilling to try new things, Saturn will sit on you like a mountain. But if you're interested in doing new things, seeing new places, and being busier in your life with fun activities, this is a great time to change. Just pick one thing that you'd like to try. It doesn't have to be big; don't let yourself get overwhelmed. The Sagittarius energy will support you in moving forward, while the Saturn energy will make you uncomfortable enough to remain in place, and the sun will help you see what you desire.

The beautiful thing about astrology is that by understanding the energies it presents and how to work with them, it helps us create the lives we desire. Astrology is not a forecast of our lives but a map helping us get to our destination. Have fun with Saturn—you can if you stay focused on the result and have lots of self-care during the process. And remember Sagittarius is forever optimistic, so there is no downside to leaning into the lessons that abound right now.

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