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Jennifer Garner is a Breakup Pro!

Photograph by Getty Images

This past weekend Jennifer Garner was spotted laughing it up with her mother-in-law. Garner is the queen of breakups, not because she's had lots of them, but because her behavior has been so stellar while parting from Ben Affleck. They've been spotted coming out of therapy together, released statements that they're working together as friends, and then she's seen out with the children's paternal grandma. I'm saying this woman is a breakup rock star, seemingly soaring over experiences that would have most of us popping a Xanax. But with her sun in Aries, moon in Gemini and ascendant in Cancer, Garner's birth chart provides her with a steadiness during breakups and other major changes. Let's look at how her astrological chart sets the stage for her ability to handle a breakup with grace.

Aries Sun

Garner is an Aries, which lands at the beginning of the astrological chart. Aries are eternal children, meaning they have a childlike hope about life and the world. They usually don't allow difficult experiences to stop them. Like a child who falls down, Aries will simply get back up and start over again. Also like children, Aries don't hold grudges that keep them stuck in the past. They are focused on moving forward and are consummate beginners. Aries relish the thought of a new project and a new adventure. They are more interested in what's coming than they are in what's happened. Another great thing about Aries is they are capable of using their bodies in ways that release stress and anger. Notice how fit Garner is? That is likely because she takes negative feelings and energy into her workout and lets go of them there. This woman isn't wasting time and knows the mind-body connection all to well.

Gemini Moon

A Gemini moon is a highly mutable aspect to have. People with Gemini moon usually need to stay busy and can easily change directions. Garner's Gemini moon gives her the ability, with her sun in Aries, to make changes without resistance. Like others with a Gemini moon, she can dissolve emotional attachments when necessary. This might make her seem cold, but it's not so. A Gemini moon simply means her emotions are under her control and not the control of others. It also means she has a great sense of humor and strong wit. Folks with a Gemini moon are very capable of talking about their feelings. With their twin nature, Geminis are both light and breezy and also very deep and thoughtful. These qualities help explain why Garner would go to therapy post breakup.

Cancer Ascendant

Our ascendant or rising sign relates to how we are seen by others. Garner has a Cancer rising, which is dedicated to nurturing others, deep emotions, and children. The world sees Garner as a caring and dedicated mother and loving wife partly due to the way she is handling this divorce from Affleck. Garner's Cancer rising also helps her be seen as a girl next door, endearing her to the world. It is also her Cancer rising that would contribute to her acting protectively toward her children, rather than be reactive at a time of stress. Her every outward action is to do the best thing for her children and her family, even as the latter changes form.

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