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Your Relationship Deal Breaker

We all have our limits in love and relationships. In love we will endure for the sake of our dreams and our families, but there are also the boundaries that once crossed we cannot return from. What is your ultimate relationship deal breaker, according to your astrological sign?

Aries: Aries, you're independent to your core. Even when in long-term relationships you do not collapse yourself into your partnership. Your deal breaker within a relationship occurs if your partner doesn't honor your individuality.

Taurus: Taurus needs to be adored and put first in a romantic relationship. You love when your partner recognizes what makes you happy, feel special, and connected. You especially love when he takes it upon himself to do the things that make you feel adored without your prompting. Your deal breaker occurs when your partner doesn't make special efforts toward your happiness.

Gemini: Gemini, you need a smart partner. I'm talking smart, confident, and capable of taking care of business. Your quick mind and super fast wit needs to be met and that means a partner who is smart. You won't stand for anything less.

Cancer: Cancer, you need a partner who can stand the test of time and all the vagaries that life brings you. You must see resilience in your mate, an ability to get up, and start again. When this is missing, you will not feel safe, and the deal will be broken.

Leo: Leo, you need to know that you are the center of your partner's world; his or her priority above all things. When you don't feel as if you're your mate's greatest treasure, your starlight will dim and eventually die out.

Virgo: You know how extreme and picky you can be, Virgo, and you need your partner to just relax about it. Acceptance of your quirkiness is critical to you. If you feel you are being judged for being practical, perfectionist, or health conscious, you will soon lose interest in the relationship.

Libra: You are relationship people to your core. Librans love being in relationships and place its value high on their lists of life priorities. You need to feel that your partner also prioritizes the union you've created; mutual love and support are a must. If the relationship is not a priority, you will not stand for it.

Scorpio: Scorpio, infidelity, whether sexual or emotional, is your deal breaker. You have a capacity to be jealous and unforgiving but that is due to your intuitive powers and ability to feel so deeply. You live in deep emotional spaces, feeling the fullness of your partner's being. You are not shallow. Sharing at this deep level leaves you vulnerable, and you need assurance of your partner's worthiness.

Sagittarius: Freedom is everything for a Sagittarius. You need a partner that offers you the space to feel free and unencumbered. This means your partner has to have a life outside of the relationship because goodness knows you certainly do. If your partner can't understand your need to feel free, you will not be willing to imprison yourself for his or her comfort.

Capricorn: Capricorn, you need a partner that is accomplished, someone worthy of your respect and admiration. You love what working good and hard can do in someone's life, and for you it's not complicated. Your partner must prove that he or she can do the work needed to build success and be happy. If your partner doesn't put some muscle into it, you'll simply outrun him or her to the mountaintop.

Aquarius: Aquarius, you need a partner that is compassionate and cares about the well-being of others. If your partner is selfish or self-centered, your heart will grow cold toward him or her.

Pisces: Your love flourishes when your partner is grounded and steady. You aren't interested in someone who is just like you. You don't need a person seeking spiritual or mystical understanding. You can do that alone or with other like-minded people. If your partner is not a stable presence, you will surely float away from him or her.

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