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How to Stay Connected Romantically

Life can get super busy, particularly during the holiday season. It's easy to find yourself pulled into a lot of directions. It can be surprising when you look up to discover there is more distance than you'd like between you and your man. Don't fret, help is on the way! Here are some suggestions for staying connecting to your partner even when the world seems to be swirling around you. Your astrological sign offers the key to your heart and passion.

Aries: Exercise. I know exercise might not seem like a couple's activity, but for an Aries who loves taking care of her body, this is a great way to stoke the fires, ignite passion, and do your body good. After getting all sweaty, you can go home, shower, and give one another massages.

Taurus: Cooking Together. Taurus, stimulating your senses is the best way to get your juices flowing and cooking together will open your heart. Sharing simple tasks like chopping and stirring is a lovely way to bond.

Gemini: Read a Book. Your stimulation comes through your intellect, although that twin aspect within your personality is always the x-factor. You and your man might read a book together that takes you both on an erotic journey.

Cancer: Cuddle. The sensitive and emotional Cancer needs connection and closeness to feel at one with her man. Calendar some cuddle time each week. This might be a time to just find a comfortable space, grab a blanket, and turn on some music or a favorite show and cuddle up the way puppies do.

Leo: Dinner Out. Leo, you and your man need to go out on the town regularly. Pick a restaurant you both love. Wear a dress that makes you feel sexy and confident. What's important is that you feel seen and cherished by your man and that he feels respected and desired by you.

Virgo: Farmers Market. Your drive for health and order are everything in your world, Virgo. You'd love to stay connected with your man by shopping together at the local farmers market. Nothing is more rewarding than buying food from local farmers and preparing meals with ingredients you know you can trust.

Libra: Dinner Party. Throwing a dinner party may seem like a lot, but not for Libra. You love to entertain and when you and your man team up to throw a small dinner party for your closest friends or a few other couples, your excitement is undeniable. Libra, you may have a way of doing your parties but you love when your man supports you by complimenting your exquisite taste, making thoughtful suggestions, and of course, doing the heavy lifting.

Scorpio: Watch a Suspense Movie. Scorpio, you love traveling into dark and spooky spaces with your man—that way you get to squeeze him and jump against his body when you're a little frightened. It makes him feel like your protector and the energy between you two will overflow with passion.

Sagittarius: Volunteer. While the holidays are here dear Sagittarius, you'd like to spend some time volunteering your time or goods to those less fortunate. God knows you are busy as a bee most of the time so you must invite your man to volunteer with you. He can help collect canned goods or shop for toys for children in need. You'll see how much he enjoys helping you, and together you'll feel like a team for something worthy.

Capricorn: Morning Coffee: Capricorn, you hit the ground moving. Nonetheless, you can stay connected with your man by having your morning coffee or tea together. Early morning is a nice time to talk about the prior day and make plans for what's to come. You'll find lots of purpose in this time Capricorn, if you use it with intention.

Aquarius: Be Silly. Okay Aquarius, you know how to save the world, but you also know how to be downright silly. Whenever you get a chance, allow your super silly side to let it all hang loose. Don't think about how you look or feel, just break out into a Janet Jackson routine or better yet, Prince's "Purple Rain" will send you both to the floor in laughter.

Pisces: Meditate Together. Pisces, you love to dance in the ethereal realms. Any man of yours knows how important mysticism and spiritual practices are to you. Meditating together will help you connect within yourselves first and then with one another. Be sure to share what came to you during the meditation and keep a journal nearby to write your inspiration down. There is a beautiful intimacy in going within with another.

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