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Let the Stars Guide Your Romantic Film Choice

We all love a good romance. The best romantic films will send us into the fantasy worlds we created as girls dreaming about love and being swept off our feet. Romance never gets old, even when we are getting older; there is still that place within our minds and hearts that can escape into the best love stories ever told. What does your sign recommend for a film to still your beating heart?

Aries: The Bridges of Madison County. This romantic film is filled with complexities and hard choices. When a photographer visits Madison Country to take pictures of the bridges he encounters, a woman and he find themselves in a sultry but simple love affair. Aries, act first, think later is the name of this romance.

Taurus: Chocolat. All of your senses will be ignited by this film, dear Taurus. The story is one of an independent woman who takes a risk by opening a store in a very conservative town. Depp is her love interest and their love endures.

Gemini: Pride and Prejudice. Gemini, there's a strong chance you've read Jane Austen's classic novel about class and love in the nineteenth century. Now you can appreciate the film, or one version of it— there are many.

Cancer: The Way We Were. A couple falls in love, marries, and split, as their personality differences are just too strong. Many years later they remember why they were so good together but missed the opportunity. Cancer, you'll love this classic romance because you never forget what's good for you and rarely get distracted from your original attraction.

Leo: When Harry Met Sally. Can a man and woman ever just be friends? Leo, you'll have to discover for yourself by watching the wonderful rom com. While Ryan's performance in the restaurant will have you practicing for your starring role, she's good—but maybe you're better.

Virgo: Annie Hall. Virgo, you do love to analyze your past experiences to find what you could have done differently. Woody Allen finds himself trying to discover what went wrong in his relationship in this film.

Libra: An Officer and a Gentleman. Libra, no one knows a good love story like you. Love is your specialty. This romantic film grips our hearts in the final scene, when Richard Gere comes back to get his woman, Deborah Winger.

Scorpio: Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a classic Shakespearian love story about two young lovers from different families. Their love is so deep they decide to die if they can't be together. Scorpio, you understand deep love and the dark places it will take you when you surrender.

Sagittarius: Love and Basketball. Sagittarius, your outdoorsy, adventurous spirit will be completely turned on by this love story about two basketball players looking for success and finding love.

Capricorn: Legends of the Fall. This complex love story pits brother against brother, fabulously featuring Brad Pitt on horseback with his flowing blond hair. Good luck not falling in love. Capricorn, just fly away.

Aquarius: Brokeback Mountain. Aquarius, the humanitarian in you will rise up watching this film. This is a heartbreaking story of forbidden love between two cowboys and how their relationship unfolds over many years.

Pisces: Titantic. Pisces, you are one of the more romantic signs of the zodiac. Your creative nature feeds your heart, and your spiritual way of being influences an undying hope within you. Titanic is a timeless tale where love conquers economics, but nature wins in the end.

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