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Stocking Stuffers for Your Pals

Yes, the holidays are here and that means fun and celebration are in the air. If you're doing your shopping don't forget to pick up some stocking stuffers for your adult family and friends. The following are easy ideas that will add just the right touch to a holiday party or Christmas day itself. The best part is each gift will have special influence on the receiver because it's right for their astrological predilections.

Aries: Hot Cocoa Gift Set. Aries is already pretty warm but during the winter they might need a little help heating up. Hot Cocoa is a sweet treat they'll surely burn off by midmorning.

Taurus: Eat Cake for Breakfast Insulted Tumbler. Who eats cake for breakfast? A Taurus might and even if she doesn't she'll love the idea of it.

Gemini: Luna Shot Glass Set. Gemini balances their intellect with their unquenchable desire for fun. Give them shot glasses and they'll be the life of the party.

Cancer: 2016 Mini Calendar. With their swirling thoughts, Cancers need something to remind of them what day it is. This calendar is so pretty they'll be sure to check it twice.

Leo: Ridiculously Good Looking Black & Gold Quote Travel Mirror. Every Leo should have this little affirmation mirror. When they don't feel appreciated by the world, they can look in the mirror and give themselves all the love they desire.

Virgo: Bubi. Every Virgo will dig this water bottle. It's BPA free, good for hot and cold contents, and it collapses.

Libra: #Selfie Budget Tote Bag. Libras give so much to others—they can use a small reminder to focus on themselves occasionally.

Scorpio: Gold Playing Card Set. Give this fabulous deck of cards to Scorpios and they'll feel like they hit the lottery.

Sagittarius: 50 Road Trip Games. While on the road or even in flight, Sagittarians will love entertaining themselves and their friends with a few fun games to pass the time.

Capricorn: Organic Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I know Capricorns are busy working and rarely having the fun they deserve. This truffle oil will give them a pick-me-up in a way that they can't escape—food. They won't be able to resist.

Aquarius: The Yeti Family Holiday Women's Knee Socks. Eclectic Aquarians will appreciate this unique but useful gift to wear beneath a great pair of boots.

Pisces: Soap Stones. This creative soap design will make Pisces' day. Soaps in the shapes of stones and jewels will truly make them sparkle.

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