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Your Key to Happiness

Photograph by Getty Images

If you ask yourself what it is that you desire, the answer will likely be a thing you believe will make you happy. Happiness is all life is really about, and if you're not happy you can become so now just by changing your focus toward what is working in your life and counting your blessings. We all have really good things going on in our lives—this is where we must place our attention.

Aries: You have the determination to get things done and accomplish your goals like none other. Your energy level is never depleted, not even as you age. This is a gift, as many others need caffeine or other outside stimulants to get themselves going. Your energy is worth celebrating and appreciating. When everyone else putters out, you'll still be going strong.

Taurus: Taureans are able to build a life worthy of envy. You are skillful at creating a career in which you do what you desire. Not many can say this, but you can. Give thanks.

Gemini: Yes, you are smart, well traveled, and able to hold court with the best of them. Your mind is brilliant but so is your wit and charm. You have the intellect to solve problems and the wit to lighten up everyone during a crisis. Now what's not to appreciate?

Cancer: Your ability to create a home environment that makes everyone in your family and all you love feel safe and welcome is priceless. You are exceptional at giving love and care in ways that leave a permanent print on the hearts of those you love. Home is truly your happiness.

Leo: Everyone loves your company. You make people laugh, feel good, and connected. You're everyone's favorite and surely that makes you feel significant and worthy at a deep level.

Virgo: You are trustworthy because you do your research and make sure your information is tested before you use it or share it with others. People come to you because they know you know your stuff. Being a trustworthy resource is an amazing asset and a cause for self-appreciation.

Libra: Your presence just makes people happy. You are a mood enhancer that never stops giving. Everyone loves you because you love everyone, and you prove your love in ways that are tangible. Here's to you.

Scorpio: Intuition is something many don't have but you have loads of insight into life and the emotions of those around you. This is a gift from the universe which needs to be appreciated and relied upon daily.

Sagittarius: Your adventurous and free spirit is the key to life itself. You'll never grow old because you love to keep life new. You are not opposed to beginning again and actually find pleasure doing so. This willingness to delve headlong into change is a very special quality.

Capricorn: You are a fearless worker and have achieved everything you set out to accomplish because you aren't afraid to put your back into it. As a matter of fact you love to be productive and to give your all. Give yourself a good hug and keep it moving.

Aquarius: No one would be here if Aquarius had not come to save our lives when we needed it most. You have the power to meet people at their time of need and lift them up. Certainly everyone has thanked you, but have you thanked you?

Pisces: Your creativity is your path to the spiritual world. You create art and it heals your heart and the hearts of those who connect with you. It's no small thing to be able to touch people and change them with your self-expression. Don't stop producing; you're a gift and so are your creations.

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