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How to Beat the Blues

Winter blues are a real thing for many women, but there are ways to be supported during this time when you get less exposure to sunlight. While it's always good to slow down, get more rest, and be gentler with ourselves during this time of year, our astrological signs offer other ways to get an emotional pick-me-up. Here are some ideas:

Aries: Beating the blues for you, dear Aries, can be complicated. You are very active and likely give yourself very little downtime in which to recuperate. To keep your mood high, do your best to stay connected with girlfriends. Consider forming a women's circle and schedule several meeting per month to gather, share, and support one another. For you, Aries, it's easy to isolate yourself in the demands of your life. Stay connected to your female tribe and you'll be full of happiness.

Taurus: Taurus, your blues can look like overindulging with things that make you feel comfortable. If you're feeling low, you might have the tendency to overeat, shop, or self-medicate with wine. You can beat the blues by keeping an honesty journal. Use a journal to tell your radical truth about what you're feeling before you numb out. If you can tap into your true feelings often, the desire to indulge might subside. Of course, it's totally okay to allow yourself a special treat every now and again.

Gemini: The blues for a Gemini can be difficult, because the Gemini mind will constantly search for what is wrong. Do your best to feed your mind thoughts that affirm your joy! When your mind starts focusing on what's wrong, notice that, take a deep breath, and redirect your thoughts to what is working and what you are grateful for. If you're having a difficult time, play music that inspires you or read a book that lifts you up.

Cancer: Cancers feel everything deeply, and as a Cancer, you have a capacity to be secretive about your truest feelings. Your unwillingness to open up is understandable; your inner emotional world might be a lot for others. However you deserve some support, and a therapist or life coach might be just what your heart needs to carry all that you feel. Don't go it alone during this season, find someone who can listen and give you advice if needed.

Leo: Leo, you need physical touch. Remember you are a big cat and the need to be rubbed, caressed, and held is real for you. If you sense the blues creeping up on you, be sure to either self-nurture by getting a professional massage or spending an evening with a lover, partner, or spouse.

Virgo: Your mind is like a black hole, and you can easily get stuck in there trying to work out the details. Virgo, escape a negative attitude as often as possible with exercise. I'm not talking just any exercise; I suggest you work out to the point to sheer exhaustion. When you push hard your mind will stop looking for what is wrong because it will need to help you breathe and move rhythmically. Yes, you will have to trick your brain into giving you some relief. But you'll be glad you did.

Libra: There will be times this season when you aren't able to support those around you because you need support yourself. That's right Libra, try putting yourself first for a time. Be selfish. Sit still, think about what you need and desire and then make that reality. You might discover a need to be with your partner or help a friend but be clear that you are doing it for yourself and not in order to "fix" anyone. While everyone feels better when you're around, be sure to nonetheless stay focused on how you feel.

Scorpio: When the blues hits it's probably because you've overextended yourself, Scorpio. People often come to you for support because you are deeply intuitive and truthful. Be sure not to overdo it by saying yes to every request. Your alone time is valuable, and it gives you a chance to recharge and restore yourself. Create time for you to be alone (in nature if possible), you'll feel wonderful for doing so.

Sagittarian: You have millions of cures for the blues, Sagittarian. Find a new way to be a beginner again. Your mind and heart love new adventures, and if that includes being outdoors or travel, you'll get an extra boost. Don't get caught in a rut—the remedy for you is staying a beginner.

Capricorn: The beauty of Capricorn is your reliability. However, the flip side of that can be you rarely take a minute to appreciate your achievements and how you support others. You can beat the blues by taking a moment to smell the roses. If you look at your accomplishments, you'll conjure up a supreme sense of value that will inspire you into even more greatness.

Aquarius: You are another one who finds your value in what you do for others—and boy you do a lot! You make their lives magical and easy, but sometimes you feel left out from your own efforts. To beat the blues, go within, and learn what really makes you happy. The answer may be caring for others, but at least you'll know when you're giving to others you're also giving to yourself, and are not at all left out.

Pisces: Pisces, you can beat the blues at any moment during any day, simply by allowing your imagination to run wild. When life gets so demanding that you miss your dream time, this is the beginning of the end for you. Be sure you allow yourself time each day, just several minutes to let your imagination run free. When time and space inevitably open again, those dreams can become reality.

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