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The Best Shows of 2015

With all the new, top-quality programming on TV today, selecting what to watch can be a challenge. To help you decide, I've come up with some recommendations based on the tastes of each astrological sign. Let's go!

Aries: Master of None. This is one of the funniest shows of the year, exploring ideas that TV usually relegates to the sidelines. Aries, you'll love this show's bold treatment of the protagonist's rather halting coming-of-age.

Taurus: Wolf Hall. This period drama looks at what happens when powerful people hand off their dirty work to those beneath them. Taurus, you'll appreciate the storyline and the historical setting.

Gemini: Blackish. Gemini, this show is incredibly well written; it touches on racial biases and politically incorrect story lines that entertain while they inform. Your brain will delight is such smart television.

Cancer: UnReal. Cancer, entertainment is what you need and UnReal will deliver just that. This show explores dating reality shows without judging those who participate or those who watch.

Leo: Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer's raunchy brand of feminist comedy is just the edge you'll love, Leo. She's bold and willing to tackle any topic that most would drop like a hot potato.

Virgo: The 100. This show will have you leaning into your perfectionist nature and asking tons of questions about good versus bad and issues of morality. Both the writing and the performances are stellar.

Libra: Catastrophe. A one-week romance leads to an unplanned pregnancy—and hence a new life begins. No one will love this show more than the forever hopeful Libra who knows love can win.

Scorpio: The Leftovers. This HBO show is a mix of the supernatural, the mundane, and the profound. Scorpio, you'll be at the edge of your seat with each episode.

Sagittarius: Rectify. Daniel Holden must put his life back together after serving nineteen years in prison when a DNA test sets him free. Sagittarius, you'll dig the complicated characters and find humanity in the story line.

Capricorn: Transparent. Okay Capricorn, let's step away from the basic sitcom formula and into something that will have you curious about nearly everything. Transparent is a show about a family becoming more authentic.

Aquarius: Jessica Jones. Netflix did the darndest thing with this hit show featuring a female private eye determined to save those under the influence of a nasty and snarky villain. She's awkward and hard core in her ambition to save the world. Yes Aquarius, you'll be both pissed off and inspired.

Pisces: Jane the Virgin. A young woman was accidentally artificially inseminated in this innovative program. Pisces, the creative flow of this great show will inspire you. You will never be disappointed and always wanting more.

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