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What You Need to Accomplish Before the Year Ends

It's hard to believe an entire year has come and gone so fast. It seems like the years pass faster and faster. Remember that to do list you created at the beginning of the year? With only a few more days before the year ends it's time to get as much done as possible. It's always good to end the year feeling accomplished. What does your astrology suggest you focus on getting done before the final hours of this year are gone?

Aries: New Years Goals. Aries, you're always first out the gate and leaving the rest of us to eat your dust. Have you thought about your goals for next year? Have you written them down and created a plan for success? Before the year ends, get clear on what you're up to next year.

Taurus: Flexible Spending Account. Taurus you are a financial wiz and it's likely you've already handled your FSA, but in case you haven't be sure to use the money in your FSA because you'll lose it by the end of the year.

Gemini: Free Up Data Space. Gemini you love to hold on to information that can easily take up lots of data. Now is a good time to clear your emails, move photos from your hard drive into cloud storage and delete sensitive information you won't need to revisit.

Cancer: Deep Cleaning. Cancer because love your home so much the end of the year is a wonderful time to give it a deep cleaning. You'll be happy you did when things are shiny and clear in the New Year.

Leo: Organize Your Taxes. Don't wait until the last minute this year Leo. Spend the last few days of this year organizing your taxes. This way you can have your return early and plan for a vacation in spring with your tax return.

Virgo: Credit Report. Each year we're all entitled to one free credit report. Virgo your credit report will help you plan for any big purchases you'll be making next year. It will also help you see if there are any errors that need to be removed that would impede your financial progress.

Libra: Increase your 401K. Venus is your ruling planet and that means money is always on your radar. If you haven't contributed the maximum amount to your retirement savings plan this year be sure to increase it before the year ends.

Scorpio: Journal. Scorpio the past year was pretty exciting for you due to break through experiences in relationships and career. Be sure to write them down and capture your excitement before the New Year arrives and all the goodness of this year fades into darkness.

Sagittarius: Charitable Giving. Now is the time to do your charitable giving, if you haven't done so already. Giving before the end of the year will help you in April when you file your taxes.

Capricorn: Monster.com. You've been planning to start a job search. Now that the year is ended and companies will be ready to hire in the New Year, it's time to ramp up your resume and your job search. Capricorn you're always on the lookout for great opportunities, so be sure you're ready when they present.

Aquarius: Calendar. Aquarius, be sure to purchase new calendars before the first day of the year arrives. Yes, you have the calendar on your phone but it's nice to calendars in the house so remind you of what day it is and what you need to get done.

Pisces: Sell or donate things you don't need. Pisces, you might have lots of things you've collected over the year that are collecting dust. What they say is true, "one man's trash in another man's treasure." The end of the year is great time to clear out the clutter before another year begins.

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