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Your Astrological Intentions for 2016

Photograph by creativity103.com

Now that we are at the beginning of another year, we're offered a great opportunity to reboot our minds, hearts, and bodies toward success. Rather than setting resolutions, which have a tendency to motivate us for the first few weeks of the year, let's consider setting intentions for this New Year. For me the difference between resolutions and intentions is subtle but significant—I see an intention arising out of how we desire to be, and a resolution arising out of what we desire to do. For instance, I intend to create a new relationship with my health, whereas I might make a resolution to exercise. The intention focuses on our connection with ourselves, while the resolution focuses on an outcome. What does your astrological sign suggest for your intentions in 2016?

Aries: You are undergoing some pretty deep changes, as Uranus (the planet of rule breaking) is in your sign and will be there for several more years. Moreover, the heavens are filled with mutable and cardinal energy, which supports you in making the personal changes toward the freedom and independence you desire. This is the year to get back to putting yourself first, Aries. Ask yourself, what you need to feel empowered and successful and then get busy doing just that.

Intention: I intend to put myself first in my life, trusting that in so dong, I will serve the highest and best for everyone in my life. I give energy to my desires, dreams, and creative endeavors knowing the return will be handsomely multiplied.

Taurus: Taurus, 2016 is a year for re-creating your life in ways that will set you toward success in the future. All of the slow-moving planets are stationed in mutable or cardinal signs this year, which means that changes are happening fast. You are a fixed sign and prefer to take your time making changes. Hopefully change is what you desire because change is what this year is about. Go with it Taurus, be adaptable and you'll be happy you are.

Intention: I intend to allow my life to change in ways that surprise me and make me happy. I am willing to change in ways that are necessary for me to experience greater joy and deeper love.

Gemini: The last few years have given you lots of transformation (In your family life, your friendships, and work), and this year won't be any different. You are a mutable sign, so you are able to flow with change pretty well. This year you can look forward to more changes in your relationships as Saturn is in your seventh house of partnerships. At the very least, you'll be asking yourself and your partner the hard questions about common values, visions, and compatibility.

Intention: I intend to be honest with others and myself about what I need in order to experience love and success. I am willing to become what is needed if it serves the highest and best for all involved.

Cancer: You have been experiencing a great deal of change in your life with regard to relationships, home life, and career. You like to feel grounded, so this has not been particularly easy for you. Things are upside down lately, and you're blowing in the wind. The best thing to do is to go with the flow. Allow life to take you on a great adventure, offer as little resistance as possible, and you'll land in a good place when the time is right.

Intention: I intend to ride the wave of life, trusting I will be led to my heart's desires in the perfect time, with the perfect people. I trust my choices even as the ground shifts beneath me.

Leo: Leo, you are a fixed sign, which means that you take your time working toward your goals. But with all the eclipses and the slow-moving planets in cardinal or mutable signs, you can make progress more quickly than you have in the past. The key to success in 2016 is being flexible. Don't get stuck in old patterns and ways of being that don't serve you. Be aware that Saturn is in your fifth house of play and creativity, so now is a great time to give lots of energy to your creative endeavors and your desire to have fun. This may also be a time of financial abundance for you.

Intention: I intend to go with the flow in every area of my life. I allow myself to be spontaneous and creative in ways I had not previously considered. I am open to experience more wealth and good fortune and without attachment allow myself to have joy and pleasure in my life.

Virgo: Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and prosperity. It expands whatever is already occurring in your world. Virgo, you will continue to have Jupiter in your astrological house until September 10, 2016. With Jupiter giving you lots of good energy, you might create a New Years intention to create a better relationship with every aspect of your health and well-being. This could include rest and relaxation, exercise, time with friends, stress relief, and enhanced body awareness. I would suggest a physical checkup; get blood work to learn where you might be mineral deficient. Your intention is for all-around health and well-being.

Intention: I intend to make health and wellness choices that support my happiness, peace, and longevity. My positive choices are supported in every way.

Libra: Libra, this upcoming year will be a wonderful time for you to take risks and leap into your heart's desire where work is concerned. There will be lots of mutable energy in the heavens preventing you from getting stuck, so now is the time for exploring. In September you will have Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, and expansion on your side. Let 2016 be the year you intend to stretch toward your dreams.

Intention: I am able to take risks that lead toward my heartfelt desires within my career. My work is fulfilling and satisfying in ways that serve others and make me happy. I do what is needed, including taking well-considered risks toward my success.

Scorpio: Scorpio, this year might be a little challenging for you due to all the mutable energy in the heavens. You are a fixed sign and generally enjoy feeling very solid and anchored in your relationships and work life. Well, all of that might shift unless you can go with the flow and allow yourself to be more adaptive.

Intention: I am open and receptive to flow with life. I trust that I am safe and protected at all times. I easily adapt to whatever life presents.

Sagittarius: 2016 is a great year for you to focus your energy on being patient (or present as I like to say), because Saturn is in your house until the end of 2017. Saturn is the planet of lessons and releasing what does not serve one's growth and development. Many might fear Saturn, but it offers you a great time to restructure your life and start new in areas that have great meaning for you.

Intention: My intention is to release whatever no longer serves my joy and freedom. I let go of any thing, behavior, and person that might hinder my progress to live the life I deeply desire.

Capricorn: This is a great year for you to get your goals accomplished, Capricorn. The energy in the heavens is very mutable and cardinal, which means you don't have to struggle to make progress. You like to work hard, so I can't imagine that your diligence will be changing this year, but your efforts will get your further along than they have in past years. With this in mind, set goals that may seem a little bit out of reach.

Intention: I intend to accomplish my goals with a light heart and a free spirit. I work with enthusiasm, as I'm assured of my success.

Aquarius: This is your year Aquarius, and here's why: the energy on the planet is ruled by mutable and cardinal energy. Cardinal energy means lots of changes are occurring and mutable energy is versatile and flexible. You, my dear Aquarius, are a fixed sign, which means you can endure (and often resist change). Your tendency to dig your heels in, however, is countered by your ability to think creatively. This is the year to make changes you've desired but couldn't make before now. Focus your energy on your life; with Pluto in your twelfth house of spirituality and high ideas, you can easily get to what matters to you. Just be sure that your efforts are predominantly about your own goals and not the needs of others.

Intention: I intend to make changes that will bring more happiness and self-satisfaction in my life. I love myself wholeheartedly and do what is needed to give myself the best I can.

Pisces: This will be a big year for you Pisces, because two out of four eclipses are in your sign. With two eclipses in your sign and a great deal of mutable and cardinal energy in the heavens, now is a good time to create change and make progress in your relationships. (Pisces is the sign of compassion, so it's likely you've spent lots of time working on your personal connections.) You have the wind at your back Pisces; nothing can hold you back this year.

Intention: My intention is to move forward with enthusiasm, love, and compassion in my heart. I see myself getting the love I deserve and desire, now. I see myself using my creativity to fuel my career goals. I am supported in every way possible.

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