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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of those artists who will be celebrated for generations to come. He is the king of pop for good reason. His songs and dance moves inspired us to stop and wonder if we too were capable of breaking into a moonwalk. What MJ song best speaks to your astrological sign?

Aries: "Bad." This timeless, kick-ass song is pure Aries. You are the quintessential "I am," and you're unstoppable. Michael must have had lots of Aries influence when this song was produced. This song is edgy in all the ways an Aries can appreciate.

Taurus: "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough." This song is just for you, Taurus. "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" was produced with Quincy Jones and is six minutes long to ensure that you'll get enough. This is a fabulous dance tune for all the senses.

Gemini: "Thriller." Gemini, the trickster in you can take a good joke and dish one out too. "Thriller" is the ultimate scary prank in many ways. That last scene where MJ turns to the camera with those wolf eyes is wickedly funny. Plus the dance scene will pull anyone out of their seats.

Cancer: "Butterflies." This song was released in 2001 on the Invincible album. MJ was accompanied by Floetry on the background tracks. Cancer, this song speaks to your sensitive nature and the inner world you create with your deep emotions. You know all about butterflies.

Leo: "Rock With You." Off the Wall was MJ's first solo album and "Rock With You" was a huge pop hit. Leo, you understand having a debut hit like no one else. Not to mention your rocking skills.

Virgo: "Corner of the Sky." The Jackson 5 released this song in 1973, originally from the musical Pippin. Virgo, this song is about the search for happiness. Your desire for perfection will lead you to happiness and your corner of the sky.

Libra: "Who's Loving You?" This song was released by the Jackson 5 in 1969. Libra, you are the lover of the zodiac. The lyrics of this classic song will speak your heart.

Scorpio: "In the Closet." From the Dangerous album, this hot sultry song is as lusty as it gets. The video is stylish and sexy. Scorpio, you'll be all over this MJ tune.

Sagittarius: "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)" P.Y.T was released on the Thriller album in 1982. Sagittarius, the playful, happy nature of this song is all you. You can feel yourself when you listen to this MJ hit.

Capricorn: "Beat It." "Beat It" was on the Bad album. It has a heavy rock influence and a guitar solo performed by Eddie Van Halen. Capricorn, your no-nonsense attitude is exactly what this song inspires in others.

Aquarius: They Don't Care About Us. This is a funky dance tune is amazing drum beats and rhythms that pound the meaning of humanity into the listeners. The humanitarian part of MJ shines here and Aquarius will feel the music.

Pisces: The Man in the Mirror. An introspective song dedicated to inspiring change from within. Released in 1988 on the Bad album, Man in the Mirror is still timeless and eternally relevant. Pisces this song is spiritual at its core and is likely your theme song already.

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