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Fun and Outside the Box Health Choices for 2016

Health is the ultimate goal for 2016. It's important to keep in mind that health is as much about having a good perspective on life as it is about having healthy food and exercise habits. There are very simple behaviors you can shift to boost your well-being. Here's to focusing on practices that will make your life more healthful and fulfilling.

Aries: Aries, you're extraordinarily diligent and hard working. You have an endless amount of energy to meet all your goals and fulfill your desires. Given your tendency to put it into overdrive, you might benefit from a slower pace. Allow yourself to chill a bit, smell the roses, and watch the sunset. Some downtime would do your body, mind, and soul some good this year.

Taurus: You've got a lot to consider this year with all the changes you're undergoing. One healthy practice you might add to your life would be to write a daily schedule. This will help you track your to-do list and hold you accountable for all the moving pieces.

Gemini: Gemini, order and organization are not your strongest assets, but that doesn't mean you don't value them. Consider calling a friend who is skilled at organizing or hiring a professional organizer to assist you. Adding structure to your time and your space can be a key practice for healthy living this year dear Gemini.

Cancer: Cancer, if you've had a rocky relationship in recent years, this is good time to go solo and allow your heart and mind to integrate the lessons you've learn. The healthiest choice you can make this year is being happy with yourself, especially if you are single.

Leo: Leo, you know that health requires piece of mind, and so it is contingent, to some degree, on our financial lives. This year you'll likely experience greater financial abundance, so be sure to create a plan for new resources before they arrive. The temptation to unconsciously spend is strong, but you'll regret it later. The healthy choice is to create a budget before the money arrives, which can include some splurging.

Virgo: Dear Virgo you have so much on your mind. What better way to get it all out than by journaling? Journaling is a way to synthesize your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It allows you to free up space and be present and creative.

Libra: What do you envision for yourself? What are the goals and dreams you desire to manifest? Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, expansion, and luck, and it arrives in your sign in September. Rather than waiting to see what bounty Jupiter brings, consider directing this lucky energy to your deepest desires. Create a vision board with words and images that express your dreams. This is healthy thinking at its best.

Scorpio: Scorpio, consider making it your business to smile more. You might spend thirty seconds each day standing in your mirror smiling at yourself and noticing how beautiful you are. You might also smile at strangers for no apparent reason other than to give a little light and make their day better. Create the health and share it too.

Sagittarius: With Saturn in your sign, you're getting some pretty big lessons about yourself and those around you. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed or downtrodden be sure to monitor your confidence levels. Take a few seconds each day to stand like a superhero or do a victory dance. This might seem silly, but the brain loves power positions, and you'll feel your confidence rising. The superhero stand is an easy healthy choice for you.

Capricorn: Capricorn, it's time you added some new music to your playlist. Music has way of boosting our health because it touches our heart and soothes our emotions like nothing else can. Good music is medicine, and you'll dance your way into joy.

Aquarius: Oh sister, the healthiest thing you can do this year is have lots of "me" time. It's quite simple and seems easy, but it isn't easy for you, Aquarius. Just stop taking care of everyone else and put yourself first for five minutes each day. Over time you'll find the benefit of being with yourself and will likely never stop doing so.

Pisces: The healthy practice for you this year Pisces is to be with friends. Spend good quality time with your girlfriends doing all sorts of fun things. Go to plays, concerts, hiking, and out for dinner. And make new friends whenever possible. Your healthy self needs to feel connected in fun ways this year, so don't miss any opportunities to play.

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