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Conquering Your Fears in 2016

Fear is one of the major factors when it comes to failure. Often our unknown and unconscious fears work to sabotage the desires we hold most dear. No one is fearless, and everyone comes up against the part of him- or herself that just seems stuck. Those of each astrological sign are prone to certain types of pitfalls from which their fears arise. Below are some suggestions to help you conquer your fears, get unstuck, and live each day with greater power.

Aries: Aries, you have limitless energy and can see any task from beginning to end without missing a beat. And because you're very independent and capable, you usually run into your fears when you need to rely on other people. However there are times when you can't do it all yourself and you need support. You don't like asking for help and you sometimes don't trust that others will complete a task as well as you.

Taurus: Taurus, change can be a scary thing for anyone, but for you change can really be debilitating, especially change that interferes with your creature comforts. Be that as it may, it might be time to change your diet or schedule to accommodate a new exercise routine. You dread doing so because you fear not being able to stay the course. When your fears arise, be sure to remind yourself to take it one day at a time. Do your best to stay present and in the moment. Don't focus on results other than showing up for yourself to face the changes you're implementing.

Gemini: Gemini, you are brilliant and can easily find information about nearly any subject; you're a walking library. Your emotions, on the other hand, tend to cause you consternation. Your fears surface when you're required to get out of your head and into your feelings. The best way to embrace your emotions is by breathing through them. Deep long breaths will help you gently feel your emotions and allow them to give you information that will support you.

Cancer: Everyone knows Cancers love their homes like crabs love their shells, but when their home environments are shaken up, changed, or interrupted in any way, their fears rise to the surface like hot lava bursting from a volcano. As a Cancer, you often hide your emotions for fear they are too much for others to handle. It's time to speak your truth. You can do it softly, on paper, or screaming from the rooftop. Don't hold your feelings in; let them flow.

Leo: Leo, you're great fun to have around, which is a good thing, because your needs for attention and the company of others are central to your happiness. Not surprisingly, your fears surface when you don't have another person to give you the energy and attention you desire. Being alone is not easy for you, at least not for extended periods of time. Meditation is a great way to practice being with yourself. You can start by trying sitting or walking meditations for very short periods of time. Listening to your breath and feeling your heartbeat can enrich your time with others and as well as with yourself.

Virgo: Virgos love order. As a Virgo, your desire to have your ducks in a row can come across as a little controlling, but in truth you're just comfortable with systems and processes that create order. Your fears surface when your process is disturbed. It can be something as simple as running late or not having time to prepare dinner. Virgo, you require regular exercise to manage the anxiety that comes when order seems illusive to you. Move your body

Libra: It seems you have no fears at all dear Libra. You can hold it together under high-pressure situations like none other. And yet you come undone when people around you are not happy. Disharmony has a way of getting to you and unraveling you slowly. Your fears rise and you work to fix what's broken. Face these fears by letting go. Just let go Libra, not even you can make everyone happy. Letting go means telling people you trust that they can work it out on their own because they are capable. Keep it moving, Libra!

Scorpio: Scorpio, you are a very private person, and it's rare that you let someone into your innermost chambers. You have a very complex emotional world as well. You don't want to be hurt and avoid being fully seen to protect yourself, so your fears arise when you detect emotional intimacy in your space. When someone is getting close and your hair stands on end, begin telling yourself "I love myself all the time no matter what". Knowing that you accept and love yourself unconditionally will help to dissolve any fears of emotional intimacy.

Sagittarius: You value your freedom above all else, Sagittarius. When your world starts crowding you and you sense that your space is threatened, your fear temperature goes up gradually until you overheat. The solution to your fear is nature. Feel confined? Take to the outdoors Sagittarius. This might be a temporary fix, but at least you can become one with nature and know that freedom is at your fingertips when needed.

Capricorn: Capricorn, you love rules and structures. You can be pretty hardcore when it comes to following procedures, and you're an ideal employer, employee, and partner. But it's not uncommon for your friends or family members to push back when you express a desire to follow the rules. For times when the rules are must give way to the more relaxed people around you, I recommend having a five-minute personal dance party. Put on your favorite dance song and move like a wild thang until you're spent. This won't change others, but it will help you manage your fear and frustration.

Aquarius: Independence is the center of any Aquarian life. As an Aquarius, you are a great friend, partner, and parent in nearly every way, but your independence is what makes it all so. When your sense of freedom to be yourself feels threatened, your fears begin to stalk you. The great thing is that you have what it takes to subdue your fears. You're great at taking care of others and giving them what they need, so just apply a little of that caretaking to yourself. When you feel fear, flip the script by asking yourself "What do I need right now to feel independent?" Sit still and listen.

Pisces: Those ruled by Pisces have more creativity in one finger than most have in their entire body. As a Pisces, you're always up to some sort of creation that you use to enhance the lives of those around you. You make everything art. And you begin to unravel a little when your creativity isn't flowing. Your anger and frustration levels increase because you need the space to express yourself. Don't fret Pisces, pray for help, and whatever else you need to get back into the flow. Then watch as the waters part for your passage.

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