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A New Podcast That's Perfect for You

Podcasts are all the rave these days. You can find a podcast on just about any topic your heart desires. It's a great medium for storytelling and sharing information. The list below is created from The Atlantic's 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015. Which episode would rock your astrological sign? If you like the episode, you might just decide to tune in regularly.

Aries: "Millennial" by Millennial. This is a serialized podcast created by an out-of-work millennial Megan Tan. She is a self-determined young woman who is creating her life before our very eyes. This is so Aries, in the way that Aries can start with nothing and make something great out of it.

Taurus: New York After Rent 1, New York After Rent 2, New York After Rent 3, by Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything. In a three part series, Walker examines the period in New York after the musical Rent ended. These shows examine the shifting experience of New York City residents. Taurus you will just get this on so many levels. Have fun.

Gemini: "I Am Here," by Rumble Strip Vermont. Gemini, this is an extraordinary show about a man who didn't start communicating with words until he was thirty years old. The subject of the story has a form of autism that blocks him from speaking what is on his mind. Gemini, with your strong communication intuition, this will show will help you go even deeper.

Cancer: "Grace of the Sea," by Unfictional. No one holds memories and deep feelings about the past like Cancer. "Grace of the Sea" is all about someone's memories near the ocean in Mexico.

Leo: "Today's the Day," by Reply All. The host decides to get out of the studio and take an adventure outside. Magic ensues. This is all joy Leo, the kind you prefer.

Virgo: "Lionel Shriver Reads T.C. Boyle," by The New Yorker Fiction. The host's reading of this story is dynamic in ways that will captivate language-, narrative-appreciating Virgo.

Libra: "Unforgivin" by Snap Judgment. The theme of this episode is forgiveness, and Libra, you have a great capacity for this quality due to your love of harmony and balance in your life. This will challenge you no doubt, but see how you feel after you've listened entirely.

Scorpio: "The Red Dot" by Love and Radio. Scorpio, this podcast touches the places even you will have a difficult time diving into, but if anyone can hear this, you can. This show is not for children's ears. Scorpio is the one sign that lives in the deep places, allowing you to explore humanity's lightest and darkest sides.

Sagittarius: "The Last Place: Diary of a Retirement Home," by Radio Diaries. You'll be able to explore right where you sit Sagittarius. This podcast tells the stories of the residents of a retirement home and what it's like to experience changing bodies, lives, and worlds.

Capricorn: "Terrible Parents," by Blacklist Table Reads. This podcast has the nerve to read scripts that have been banished by Hollywood. What a great idea! They didn't make it to the big screen but they still have life. You know how to stay in the game Capricorn, so you'll appreciate this show.

Aquarius: "Madam Secretary, What's Good?", by Another Round. Aquarius, you so love your friends and have the greatest times with them. You'll love these two ladies who interview Hillary Clinton in this episode.

Pisces: "Entanglement" by Invisibilia, The shows works to prove that everything is one thing. It's quantum physics 101, if there is such a thing as 101. Pisces, your mind can handle this because it speaks to your life, the place where spirituality and science collide.

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