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The Capricorn New Moon is a Time For Action

January 9 is the first new moon of the year, and it arrives smack dap in the middle of Capricorn. This event is great for those who have big plans for this year. Capricorn is an amazing sign for building structures, creating rules, and formalizing your goals. Add new moon energy to the Capricorn sun and you'll shoot out of the gates like a rocket. Be aware, however, that Mercury goes retrograde from January 5 through January 25. Imagine this Mercury retrograde as one of the engines on your rocket at half-power, because this is a time of delayed communications and technology glitches. Just take your time, be sure to dot your i's and cross your t's, and you'll come out on the other side with flying colors. The power of this new moon in Capricorn is priceless.

Aries: This new moon falls in your tenth house of work, public knowledge, reputation, and social status. This is great time of year to focus on your career, Aries. What changes would you like to make? Where do you see yourself by this time next year? Now is the time to get clear while the energy of the new moon power is in Capricorn, and you can create new structures for your career success.

Taurus: The Capricorn new moon falls in your ninth house of new experiences, foreign places, long-distance travel, and legal matters. In many ways this could be great, because new experiences are just what the new moon is all about. If you are working to bring forth something new with your education, personal philosophy, or religion, this is the time. And Uranus is square this new moon, meaning unexpected events could happen, so move slowly and breathe deeply anytime you're feeling overwhelmed. All is well.

Gemini: This new moon, in your eighth house of transformation, is a perfect placement for you, dear Gemini. The side of you that handles extreme circumstances, ecstasy, sex, death, and all manners of mergers (financial and otherwise) are spoken to by this time in your chart. Note that this is a conservative new moon in Capricorn, so you won't need to worry about any unexpected shifts. Now's the time to give it all you have early in the year and create a momentum.

Cancer: The Capricorn new moon with visit you in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. The seventh house is literally who you are when you are in the company of just one other person. If you've had some rocky experiences lately in the areas of love and romance, now is a great time to gather yourself, clear out the old energy, and set a new path. You can't change the other person, but you can adjust your perception.

Leo: Lucky you! The Capricorn new moon lands in your sixth house of details and process. Now is the best time for you to create new systems with which you run your life. You'll have all the energy you need to get a new workout routine going or to create a new eating plan. Good for you Leo; you'll have the systems in place that you need for success.

Virgo: A good time is ready to be had by you, dear Virgo. The new moon falls in your fifth house, which is reserved for play and entertainment. This is the part of you that comes out when all the work is done and it's time for some fun. Let your hair loose, Virgo. (Yes that's not your usual modus operandi, I know.) Just put down your need for perfection and let go. Have fun this year—make today the beginning of a light-filled 2016.

Libra: This couldn't get any better, dear Libra. The conservative and slow-moving Capricorn new moon falls in your fourth house of symbolic foundations brought from your family of origin. This new moon will help you begin new traditions in your home. You will also be able to honor your personal history symbolically and move forward this year with new ideas for family and home life. The Capricorn new moon is steady and deep, helpful in creating new structures.

Scorpio: The Capricorn new moon lands in your third house of communication style, siblings, and the things you do that don't require much thought, like driving and running errands. This is great time to renew your relationships with those you see often but don't see at all, like the person who delivers your mail, the woman who rings up your groceries, or the guy on the treadmill next to you. How about a heart-to-heart with the sister you speak with every day about nothing? You'll have good energy for deep conservations with family and light, happy talks with strangers who are actually not strangers at all.

Sagittarius: You're in store for a great Capricorn new moon, indeed. The new moon lands in your second house. This house impacts how you deal with your possessions, money, and self-esteem. If you desire to make more money or change your environment in some way, the energy of this new moon in Capricorn says "If you feel it's possible, than it's so!" This new moon is all about your ideas about yourself, so be mindful—it swings your year into a great start or a not-so-great one. It's up to you.

Capricorn: Happy birthday Capricorn and what a great present this new moon is for you in your first house of self. It's the beginning or the year, and it's also a time for you to determine who you will be this year. You have the momentum of the entire universe behind you and within you to achieve your goals. Who will you be this year? What do you desire this year? Let yourself fly, you have the wind beneath your wings.

Aquarius: This new Moon in Capricorn sits right in your house of karma, your inner workings, thoughts, private feelings, and secret affairs. This is the house that addresses who you are when you are alone. What a gift, Aquarius! You get to start the new year with a new moon dedicated to your inner world and desires for yourself. What do you need to be happy? Take this energy into your heart and mind and let it lead you home to yourself.

Pisces: Dear dreamy Pisces, this Capricorn new moon gives you what is needed to bring your long-term goals out of the clouds and into reality. Capricorn makes everything solid because it builds foundations. The new moon in your eleventh house means creating partnerships with like-minded people and organizations. This is a great way to kick off your year.

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