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Great Foods That Help You Detox

While our kidneys and liver do a good job of cleansing our bodies, it's nice to start off the New Year with a detox. A detox gives your body a boost in resetting itself. Our bodies do a lot of work each day digesting food. If we eat lots of processed and fatty foods, our bodies work harder to digest and metabolize the ingredients and nutrients than they do if we eat lots of unprocessed foods. Below are foods recommended for each sign that help the body rejuvenate and release toxins that could compromise our health.

Aries: Ruby Red Grapefruit. Aries, it you eat half a grapefruit before each meal it will help cut your belly fat. It's common knowledge that you have lots of energy to burn, but if you're looking to lose a little weight, this grapefruit trick will move your more expeditiously toward your goal.

Taurus: Hibiscus Tea. Taurus, your relationship with your senses means you'll be drawn to the hibiscus flower and likely appreciate the tea as well. If you replace sweetened drinks with unsweetened hibiscus tea, you'll surely see the pounds fall away. The flavonoids in hibiscus tea cut belly fat and manage cravings.

Gemini: Guacamole. We love the dual nature of guacamole just the way we love the dual nature of Gemini. Guacamole happens to contain oils that are good for the strenght and restoration of the liver (our major detoxing organ). This is good news Gemini and guacamole lovers.

Cancer: White Tea. Cancer, tea is calming, so you'll love that white tea is good for your anxiety. But did you know white tea also cuts belly fat and destroys the cells that create it? It gives a one-two punch because it will soothe you and help you use lose weight.

Leo: Turmeric. Leo, you'll definitely appreciate the bold color and flavor of turmeric. The great thing about turmeric is that its ingredients help promote bile which supports digestion and the liver's functionality. Turmeric is a great spice for many health needs.

Virgo: Asparagus. Virgo, you are a home-remedy queen, and asparagus is a home-style cure for hangovers. Asparagus has minerals and amino acids that protect the liver from alcohol toxins and help the body recover from an evening of partying.

Libra: Collard Greens. Libra, you'll be happy to hear that collard greens have the ability to cleanse your body of extra cholesterol. How's that for health and balance.

Scorpio: Lemon Water. Citrus fruits are loaded with enzymes that help flush toxins out of the liver. Keep in simple, Scorpio, as you detox your body. You'll find this to be easy.

Sagittarian: Salmon. The omega fatty oils in salmon help soften the arteries, keeping them supple for blood flow as we age. Sag, if you've even been a smoker, this is great way to reverse the effects of cigarettes.

Capricorn: Beets. Capricorn, you are in luck, because beets are a great food for cleaning the blood and regenerating the liver. Of course, you'll have to prepare them—but that won't be off-putting for industrious Capricorn!

Aquarius: Mustard. Aquarius, did you know that mustard is a great metabolism booster. It's likely you already have some in your refrigerator. Combining mustard with a protein is a great way to get your body burning unwanted calories.

Pisces: Spinach. Pisces, spinach is packed with thylakoids, which cut the appetite—plus it's a very low-calorie food. So add some to your smoothie, omelet, and salads.

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