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A Little Adele Music for Your Astrological Sign

The whole world is in love with Adele right now and rightfully so. It appears that she's not only a great singer and songwriter, but she's also a rapper and a drummer. Check out her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. This is pure fun because we love Adele so and she's a pure talent. Which Adele song best "matches your astrological energy? Let's have a go at it.

Aries: "Set Fire to the Rain." Aries will set fire to anything, figuratively, that is. And only an Aries can stand the steam bath that will be created when fire is set to rain. You don't give up and you don't take no for answer. Burn baby burn!

Taurus: "Melt My Heart to Stone" You're all heart and love, Taurus. But if you're the only one in love, you'll shape-shift from Venus to Medusa and turn the person who melted your heart to into stone. Beware.

Gemini: "Someone Like You." Adele must have been in love with a Gemini—in this song her lover moves on to new love, telling her "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometime it hurts instead." Yes Gemini can be bittersweet for sure. It's that twin thing.

Cancer: "To Make You Feel My Love." Cancer, your deep and wide field of emotions will resonate with this song where Adele yearns for a connection with her partner.

Leo: "Best for Last." Okay Leo the lyrics of this song are profoundly dramatic as they swing from one emotion to the next. No other sign can embrace this level of drama as well as you, Leo. And when it's all done you're the best even if you're last. That emotion is real when Leo is in love.

Virgo: "Daydreamer." Your pursuit of perfection and your inner critic might cause you daydream (or at the very least distract you from reality). For the most part you are grounded dear Virgo, but your dreams of idealism can send you into never-never land. You'll lean into this Adele tune.

Libra: "Chasing Pavements." Libra you love being in love or should I say you love chasing love even if it leads nowhere. Your search for harmony can keep you in a spiral of searching, finding, and losing. Good thing love is a wonderful desire.

Scorpio: "Rolling in the Deep." Dear Scorpio, you get so close but get no cigar in the end. But you'll make them pay for your pain. It seems Adele wrote this one just for you, as rolling in the deep with you can be costly.

Sagittarius: "Skyfall." Sagittarius, your sense of adventure never leaves you, even in love. As a matter of fact you enjoy nothing more than adding adventure to your romance. You like the stakes to be high, and that's why Adele's "Skyfall" is so befitting.

Capricorn: "Don't You Remember." "I have a heaviness in my head." Does that sound true Capricorn? God knows you remember, because you remember everything. You remember all the dinners, conversations, kisses, and intimate moments. That is why you have a heaviness in your head—you're holding on to so many memories.

Aquarius: "Hometown Glory." Aquarius, your energy lives in this song. Adele sings of community, rebellion, and the people she's met. Best of all she sings of the wonder in all of it. Her sultry rich voice gives normal experiences a depth that is true to your nature.

Pisces: "Hello." No one can keep a relationship alive the way a Pisces can. Your imagination can keep a flame burning in a world you've built and live in with all your favorite characters. "Hello from the other side" is just your way Pisces. This is your theme song.

Image via Instagram

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