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The Sun Has Landed in Aquarius: Justin Timberlake

The season of Aquarius is here, and that means it's time to break out of a rut and find your inner rebel, ignite your creative juices and be who you were really born to be. This season's celebrity of choice is Justin Timberlake. Timberlake's sun is in Aquarius, and he was born January 31, 1982. Happy birthday Justin!

Aquarians represent freedom for the entire zodiac. What they bring to the world sets us free through our ability to rebel and do what we've been advised against. Aquarians are the revolutionaries, truth-sayers and exiles. The rules are there to be broken according to an Aquarius, and we love when they break them because freedom comes to us all. Everyone benefits from Aquarians' rebellious nature, because drive the forces of change.

Timberlake has the astrological chart of an outside-the-box entertainer for sure. He has a sun sign in Aquarius and a moon sign in Sagittarius with Leo rising. Let's break down what that means and how Timberlake demonstrates his chart in his public persona.

As an artist and performer, I would characterize Timberlake as a soul singer. I say this because he has the unique ability to perform with a depth and soulfulness that crosses genres and labels. Yes, he's labeled as a pop singer, but his roots are in the South, and that heritage has influenced his style—he has soul in his bones, and it's undeniable. He has his own, very appealing, sound. And he can act—as a guest-host on Saturday Night Live, Timberlake has shown his skill at sketch comedy, exhibiting an endearing willingness to make fun of himself. The blend of his Aquarius sun and Sagittarian moon creates a charming adventurer. The end result is freedom, for both Timberlake's artistic expression, and for the rest of us as his supportive audience.

Timberlake's untamable talent is accented by his comfort as a celebrity. His Leo rising says "Look at me, I'm a star" and we all look and agree because he is so colorful and dynamic. Leo is ruled by the sun, which is evident in Timberlake's presentation style: he shines forth his gifts and talents to the world. His Aquarius sun allows him to be creative in his own singular way, and also makes him a bit of a natural rebel. The Sagittarian moon enhances the desire for freedom, while harnessing a joyful slant toward newness and keeping everything fresh. Timberlake's astrological chart gives serves as a great map to the choices in creating his life.

During this season of Aquarius we can each tap into the exuberance of Justin Timberlake and each find our unique path to freedom. Why not make this the time to harness your independent spirit and share it with those who also desire to be free?

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Image via Instagram

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