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The Most Positive Attributes of Your Sign

Every sign has positive attributes, and when you understand yours, you can use them to assist you in every area of your life. There is real power in knowing your strengths according to your astrological chart. What good do you have that can make your life the best one possible?

Aries: Rams never give up on anything they put their minds to. They are loyal to their goals and relentless in seeing them through till the end. People born under the sign of Aries are without a doubt more courageous than those of any other sign. Aries are intimidated by nothing, will triumph over any obstacle, and they beat all odds. They do exactly what they want to do.

Taurus: The Bull is steady and trustworthy. Taurus does things on her own terms, for the most part, because she doesn't need the approval others. Peace is the greatest aim of the bull, and she will go to great lengths to create a world where her peace is not disturbed. When peace is present, nothing else is needed.

Gemini: The Twins' greatest gift is their keen perception. These souls are here to drink it all in, and they notice absolutely everything about everyone, analyzing as they go. They're good communicators, but only after they've taken in all there is to see. With their unquenchable curiosity, Gemini never grows bored.

Cancer: The Crab wears a shell for a reason—what's inside is the best and most succulent meat. Those born under the sign of Cancer rely on a tough exterior because they have very deep and tender emotions. They connect with others in a very heartfelt manner, and they nurture in ways that make everyone feel safe, heard, and cared for.

Leo: The Lion's life is an outward expression of her mind. She can affirm herself, and is willing to show her entire self to the world and to hide nothing. Leo has a wonderful capacity to live out loud like the world is her audience. Those with Leo as their sun sign shine brightly in everything they do. They succeed for the applause, which is where their source of joy lies.

Virgo: The Virgin is the symbol of purity, one who can't be owned by anything or anyone. Her constant search is for perfection. Of all the signs, Virgo is most dedicated to personal growth. She seeks to expand her development in every way possible, always raising the bar for herself and serving others in the process.

Libra: The Scales are always looking to find a balance, to restore harmony and calm. This is the power of Libra, the keen ability to home in on chaos and create order. Librans can see the sublime in places where it appears absent, and in so doing, they create beauty for everyone. In many ways Librans perform magic, as they have the power to strike the balance between polarities like no one else.

Scorpio: The Scorpion's gift is intensity born from fearlessness. The Scorpio can go fearlessly into the deepest and darkest parts of humanity, which would cause most to run for their lives. It is the Scorpions that can live with great passion and power, because they know all will end. With their sensitivity toward the life's fleeting nature, they feel the whole of life with great affection, living now while they have the time.

Sagittarius: The Archer or the Arrow has an extraordinary capacity to stay open to foreign ideas. Sagittarians are broad minded and enthusiastic toward adventures; they appreciate revelations of a new aspect of themselves, and they like to share what they learn. Their varied exploits provide them with a wealth of knowledge.

Capricorn: The Goat has a reputation for being hard working, dedicated, and even materialistic. To the extent this reputation is accurate, it must arise from Capricorn's great integrity. Capricorn is the sign that must be true to herself above all. Solitude will nurture a goat's ability to follow her unique path of self-sufficiency, and only when she trusts herself and her inner knowing can she feel the love and admiration of others.

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer is the representation of freedom, born out of rebellion and individuality. Aquarians need to feel free to be themselves and will cause an uprising if they believe anything or anyone is attempting to cage them. They live to express their individuality and they do so with a fierce understanding that nonconformity is great for all. These are not selfish individuals seeking to stand out for the attention of others, but rather so they can lead the way for all who will follow.

Pisces: Yes, the Fish is aware of the water. Those with Pisces as their sun sign can touch the limitless realm of the mind that holds all possibilities. For Pisces, creativity is the way to express her understanding of life's greatest mysteries. She can effortlessly go into the realms of the subconscious and create something amazing out of nothing (or seemingly nothing). The gift of being a Pisces is to be in the world, but not of it.

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