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The Negative Side of Your Astrological Sign

Nothing is all good or bad, and this axiom applies to our astrological signs. What personality pitfalls and opportunities to grow are indicative of those born under your sun sign?

Aries: As an Aries, you're the best friend to have if someone needs an ally. Unfortunately, you don't know how to turn off the fight, and you turn to adversary to manage the stress that lives within you. If there's no drama present, you'll find some. The way to manage this tendency is to discriminate—choose which battles to fight and which battle to walk away from.

Affirm: I choose only those concerns that may lead to the manifestation of my deepest and most heartfelt desires.

Taurus: If not careful, you can be seduced by material things and equate them with peace and security. Your peace can only arise from within yourself, but as a Taurus, you can fall into the trap of believing that possessions mean more than they actually do.

Affirm: My peace comes from within me and the things that surround me are no more than a reflection of my skill and dedication.

Gemini: As Gemini, you have a lot of knowledge, and the ability to construe information to your liking. Gemini has an unmatched ability to persuade others to take their position—their downfall comes from taking advantage of their influence.

Affirm: I allow people to have the dignity of their own process and experience without my interference. I release any need to control outcomes.

Cancer: The Crab is the mother of the zodiac. No other sign can parent like a Cancer. Everyone feels drawn to the lull and delight of your ability to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. But in your case, the gift is also the curse. You can over-parent, and trap your subjects in the shell you nurture from. Don't be afraid to curtail your need to nurture, and let others discover their own power.

Affirm: I use my nurturing energy to help myself and others achieve our best and highest desires. I release any subconscious need to hold on tight.

Leo: The Lion is talented and captivating. As a Leo, you can do most things well and that ability gets you lots of attention. But when the attention becomes your source of love, problems occur. Trust that you're lovable; you may ask too much from those around you.

Affirm: I love myself. I honor and celebrate myself. I give with no attachment to outcomes.

Virgo: The Virgin is beholden to no one but herself and therein lays the problem. As a Virgo, you're self-critical and self-doubting. No one can beat you up the way you do. Your tendency to judge yourself has a way of dismantling your ability and purpose in serving others toward their growth and advancement.

Affirm: I unconditionally accept myself in all ways and all times.

Libra: The Scales seek balance, and often that will means that as a Libra, you have a hard time making decisions. Choice means going in one direction and not the other. You may linger at the fork in the road, even though you know inside that there is no right or wrong path. You know you can make beauty wherever you venture and yet indecision will keep you stuck. Librans covets the journey toward the choice, but resist choosing because it means the journey has ended.

Affirm: Every choice I make works to serve my joy and happiness. I trust myself and love my choices.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio, you hold within yourself the knowledge of life and death. You have a fearless mind, but your desire to get to the bottom of things tends to breed moodiness, impulsiveness, and despair. You want to blend your thoughts with your feelings in order to be true to your intuition.

Affirm: I trust the signals my body offers, knowing my intuition is the primary guidance system I need to live an empowered existence.

Sagittarian: The Archer can be a happy-go-lucky woman, landing her target with every shot of her arrow. But as a Sagittarian, you may also have a tendency to shoot from the hip. You can be overly optimistic and romantic; willing to jump in headfirst without checking the water levels. Many Sagittarians have hit the bottom because they let their hearts lead them to doom.

Affirm: Wisdom is the path I take in all my choices.

Capricorn: As a Capricorn, you have a stunning ability to endure, but your pursuit of power and material accomplishment can rule you. Don't shut your emotions down to achieve your goals; they will only arise with great force later on. You can function under the illusion that world gain will save you, but you will be sadly mistaken each and every time.

Affirm: My actions are fueled by my desire to know myself and what I'm capable of achieving, both alone and in partnership with others.

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer is naturally rebellious and stubborn. As an Aquarius, this serves to help you live a life built on the principal of freedom. Allowing the world to be too much with you is when you get into trouble. When you're not willing to listen to your unique inner voice and you choose conventionality, you lose yourself in the process.

Affirm: I give life to my unique and quirky ways. The path I choose is the one I blaze.

Pisces: Consciousness is the life of the Fish, and as a Pisces, you must be creative as an act of being in relationship with consciousness. When you're not creating you become stuck in your dreamlike world, ungrounded, and without direction. A meditation practice is critical for you to stay focused and productive.

Affirm: I know my oneness with everything and everything is an inspiration for the flow of my creative nature and expression.

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