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The Aquarius New Moon: Rebellion

It's that time of month once again—yep, you guessed it, the new moon is here and she's in the sign of Aquarius this month. What does this mean for you? Aquarians are the rebels, the way-showers, the great destroyers, and builders. Aquarians seek freedom at all times and resist being imprisoned by anything that would have them conform. This new moon is your chance to break free in some area of your life in which you've been feeling constrained, stuck, or too small for your liking. Let's see what's new for you with this new moon. Unleash your rebel.

Aries: The new moon will land in your house of friends. This is the area where you are involved with groups, movements, future plans, and goals. Have you been feeling a call to join an organization that speaks to your heart? Do you have a big goal you've been weighing lately? If you answer yes to these questions, now is the time to take your first step and break out of a rut. You don't have to do everything all at once, but consider narrowing your choices, writing your goals down, making a vision board, or just taking the first step in a new direction.

Taurus: The new moon will land in your work life. This is a great time to put lots of energy into your new career goals. You already know what your desires are, so get moving. Start sending out resumes, planning your business strategy, and bringing your desires into manifestation. See yourself at the end. Remember, Aquarius means rebel, so give it all you've got.

Gemini: You've likely been feeling a need to travel, a desire for new scenery. You crave newness during this new moon in Aquarius and you'll have all the support you need. Whether your travels are close to home or abroad, use this energy to break out the rut of seeing the same sights and venturing into the same communities. Rebel against your conformity and see new sights any way you can.

Cancer: It's time for you to let go of that relationship that isn't helping you grow. You aren't emotionally or sexually satisfied, and the status quo is slowing sucking the life out of you. This is hard for you, Cancer, but all your nurturing powers can't bring a draining relationship back to life. Let go and live again. Rebel against the part of yourself that feels you can make it work. When you let go this time, the new moon will bring in new light and new pleasures you couldn't imagine before now.

Leo: The Aquarian new moon will give you the energy needed in your intimate relationships. Are you ready to deepen your romance or start a new one? The countdown starts now, and this is the perfect time to make your move. With rebellion in the air, you get to bust out and do something completely out of character—do something dramatic or outlandish for love. It's a good thing it's Valentines month and you'll be right on time for creating some big experience around love, like only Leo can.

Virgo: The new moon will give you the energy to create new procedures and processes for moving your goals forward. With Jupiter in your sign for several more months, you've been busy seeing what needs to be corrected and taking actions in those directions. This new moon will help you break out of what has constrained your momentum toward success.

Libra: The Aquarian new moon is just what you need to break out of the rut of all work and no play. Libra loves to have a good time and good times have been far and few between lately. You've been burning the midnight oil, working so hard. Let's bring creativity back the center of your world. It's time to focus some energy on what you love doing, what gives you pleasure, and what brings your childlike nature center stage. Have a ball Libra; it's been a while.

Scorpio: The Aquarian new moon will definitely shine light on your home life. Do you feel you need to change your home life in some big way, say a redesign or relocation? Whatever is up for you regarding your home life, this is the time to break free and make the changes you need to feel like yourself again.

Sagittarius: Great opportunities are in store for you Sagittarius, with all the wonderful lessons Saturn is offering you at this time. This new moon in Aquarius will land in your communication sector. You don't have a problem speaking your mind and sharing your ideas, as we all know. Saturn is building your wisdom, and you're learning lessons you'll use in every area of life. While your candor is great, be thoughtful about what you say.

Capricorn: Capricorn, you've been working hard, as usual, but it may feel like your efforts are going unnoticed. This new moon will shift the energy where your financial life is concerned. Put yourself out there Capricorn, toot your own horn because you are such a determined and productive person. Money will begin to flow, and your self-esteem will get a necessary boost as well.

Aquarius: Happy birthday Aquarius! You've traveled around the sun once more. This is the time to reinvent yourself. You are the rebel and the humanitarian of the zodiac and don't forget it. Have you conformed to some idea or way of being that is keeping you stuck or small? Is there some way you'd like to serve that you've been resisting? Well now is your time, and you'll have all the energy needed to step out and up! Let this new moon in your sign help you shine even brighter than you have before now.

Pisces: This new moon will make your intuition even stronger than it usually is. If you have a deep feeling or a dream about something or someone near to you, don't ignore it. Rebel against your impulse to second-guess yourself. Very helpful information will come to you, and you should trust your knowing. Be bold Pisces!

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