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Full Moon in Virgo: Get Organized

The new moon in Aquarius has been setting us up for the full moon in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of order, perfection, purity, service, systems, and health. The full moon shines a light on what can end and what needs to be addressed. Before the arrival of the full moon on February 22, ask yourself, "what do I need to see or release in order to move forward this year?" The energy of the full moon in Virgo is just what we need to help us create order and systems for the actualization of our yearly goals.

Aries: Is there aspect of your life that could use a jump-start? Is your career unraveling, or going off into a less-than-perfect direction. If either is true, the full moon in Virgo will give you the energy to create a better plan to further your goals. Remember we are still at the beginning or the year, Aries, and it's been a slow start because Mercury was in retrograde. The full moon can give you the push you need to get out of the gate.

Taurus: It's time to create the space for play. You've been undergoing much-needed reconstruction in your life, and the Virgo full moon will offer you a reprieve. Serve yourself by having some necessary fun. Find a new creative expression to help get your mind off all you've been focused on lately. Let some light in and enjoy some downtime!

Gemini: This full moon will cast a light on your emotions regarding your home life. You may be unhappy in your current living situation and this would be a great time to reorganize, do a deep cleaning, or to purchase some new items to brighten the place up. Trust your emotions on this Gemini, and follow any intuitive guidance you get for your home life.

Cancer: The full moon in Virgo will bring to light unexpressed feelings that may be getting the best of you. It's time to move forward, and you can't do that until you've released what's been holding you back. Take the time to dig deeply down into your heart so that you bring the darkness there into the light. This will help you make room for the new.

Leo: You're in store for upward movement in your career, Leo. There's a chance the changes are already underway, and before you get to far out of the gate, be sure you made plans for managing the financial gains coming your way. Be sure to handle your taxes soon and make time for any other financial goals you've considering.

Virgo: Virgo, you've got Jupiter in your mansion for another eight months. You should be right on track for a complete life do-over. This full moon is another opportunity to clear out what no longer serves you. Start with health, diet, and exercise. If you have any blocks keeping you from your dreams, now is the time to let go and move forward.

Libra: If you've been inside a deep question about your beliefs, values, and core self, this full moon in Virgo will give you the needed energy to find a way to get clear. Give yourself a chance to lighten up a bit and catch your breath. Jupiter will visit your mansion in the fall, and the reconstruction process in already under way. Be good to, and gentle with your entire self, Libra.

Scorpio: There's a good chance your friendships will need some reorganizing this full moon. If you've been questioning the value or placement of a few select people in your life, this is your opportunity to change directions and renew, clear out, or adjust these relationships moving forward. If you have toxic friendships to let go of, this full moon will help you get free.

Sagittarian: Sagittarius, the Virgo full moon will land in your house of career, and this is a good start to your year. Are you interested in getting into a new line of work altogether? If yes, you'll have all the energy you need to prepare to leave your current industry and launch yourself into a new and more desirable one. But create a plan before you jump in.

Capricorn: I know it seems like the summer is many moons away, but it's nonetheless time for your to begin planning the great summer vacation you've been wanting. Take time during this full moon to research favorable destinations, travel packages, and friends you'd like to have join you. Don't waste time; this valuable energy will dissipate soon.

Aquarius: The universe is perfect, Aquarius, and you already know that. The new moon gave you new life for this year, and the full moon will give you the energy to release everything you desire to leave behind. Go deeper Aquarius—explore what truly brings you joy. If there is something remaining that doesn't fit in this category, let it go and give it a funeral. Life is a continual cycle of life and death. Death is good and needed in order for you to live more authentically.

Pisces: The full moon lands in your house of marriage and intimate partnership. Is your relationship off-balance lately? Do you, or your partner, feel insecure about the other's commitment? If you desire to grow in this relationship, it's important to reorganize the power structure between the two of you. This is a great time to talk candidly and lovingly, take responsibility, and make a new plan for successful love communications.

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