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Looking for Fun Friends?

Although astrology in a not a concrete science, it can assist us in choosing the people with whom we want to spend time. When looking for friends, what qualities are important to you? Would you like to have friends who are fun and have a good sense of humor? If your answer is yes, let's explore the traits of those born under each astrological sign for their contribution to the party. Let's have some fun.

Aries: These fiery folks are pretty spontaneous and willing to take risks that most will not. If you're looking for fun, adventure, and high energy, those born under the sign of Aries make great pals. But be on notice that an Aries can be competitive and somewhat combative. Don't take it personally, but be smart and carry some emotional water to put out their flames if it gets too hot.

Taurus: Bulls can be slow to move and difficult to change direction in most areas of their lives. You may exhaust yourself just getting a Taurus off the couch, but there is fun to be had if you succeed. If leisure time with a Taurus is your goal, it might be best to choose their form of fun and bring your unique flavor to the experience. Food is a great place to start.

Gemini: You'll have the most fun with Geminis in a group setting where lots of conversation can be shared. Geminis have quick wits and their stunning sense of humor can be contagious. Prepare to laugh a lot when a Gemini is in the room.

Cancer: Those born under the sign of Cancer are nurturers, and they'll spend their money on adventures. They are not the types to conserve when it comes to opening up the bank for fun. Providing fun events is just one of the ways Cancer makes those she loves feel safe and cared for.

Leo: Lions are as playful yard cats. If you desire a good time, I'm talking just good ol' fun, Leos are your go-to kings of the jungle. A Leo is happy as the center of attention and will deliver with ease whatever is expected. You won't be disappointed when a Leo is at (or throws) the party.

Virgo: The idea of fun for a Virgo is more ethereal that most can appreciate. If you want to join in, you'll need to get her unique, dry sense of humor or understand her very specific mental way of playing. Her head is fully of funny and sly opinions, but play close attention if you intend to catch the punch line.

Libra: These are the friendliest of people, making them authentically fun to be with. Librans genuinely enjoy being with friends and go out of their way to make others happy. As a matter of fact, if they discover someone is unhappy, a Libra will do nearly everything possible to cure that sadness. Fun is Libra's middle name.

Scorpio: These deep divers always find a way to bring fun into their work. If you work with Scorpios, It's highly likely you get a kick out of your time partnering with them on projects and work assignments. Scorpios are creative, enthusiastic, and extremely driven in their career. If you want good work and fun too, get a Scorpio on your team.

Sagittarian: The Archer is the most fun when traveling. An adventurist at heart and open to all things new and foreign, Sagittarians are a blast to globe-trot with. And if journeying far from home is in the cards for you, they're also a lot of fun to be with right in your neighborhood.

Capricorn: Okay, Capricorns get a bad rap when it comes to fun but that is because their energy for fun lands in the house of death. That said, there is a big upside to planning events with Capricorns, because they work their butts off and will do anything and everything better than anyone else. They'll create amazing foundations from which everyone will have a blast. This quality is priceless.

Aquarius: If you're married to an Aquarian, you know up close and personal how silly and just downright fun they can be. These hallmark traits show up in the other relationships too. Yes, Aquarians are here to save the world but in their private relationships they are goofballs in the best ways.

Pisces: The Fish are most fun when they are organizing and creating something that has value to themselves and others. You want a Pisces to plan your baby shower, birthday party, or girls' vacation—Pisces know how exactly what is needed to make things right. They just create goodness everywhere they go and fun is the result.

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