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Romance is in the Air

Sunday is Valentine's Day, and while some of us don't have a romantic bone in our bodies, others are just flowing with romantic inclinations. Before the day of love arrives, it might be smart to check and see who you're dealing with. People's astrological sign can tell you how important romance is for them and can give you clues as to what they'll find romantic. Find out how to meet them exactly where they are.

Aries: Okay, getting right to the point with Aries, Rams love to get expensive gifts. They need to feel like money was invested in whatever gift they receive, so if you want to tap into your Ram's sensual nature, spend some cash. He or she will feel like a queen.

Taurus: The Bull rules sensuality, and therefore those born under the sign of Taurus value romantic gestures in a way that most do not. The sensual nature of Taurus, sends them through the world feeling, tasting, touching, and exploring nearly everything. Expressions of romance are the way to the heart of a Taurus.

Gemini: A Gemini's sense of romance can feel completely out of reach to his or her partner. This is due to the Gemini's strong intellect that doesn't easily follow social norms. Geminis can be too smart to care about what the masses find important. If your partner is a Gemini, he or she can be romanced with a great conversation and funny movie at home.

Cancer: The Crab lives in its shell much of the time and may be somewhat unavailable for the sensuality that romance demands. If you can get into the crab's shell (or get him or her out of it), you may have brief, a friendly experience of romance. To their credit, Cancers are deeply sensitive, in that they feel things deeply. Romance can just overwhelm them, so take your time with a Cancer.

Leo: The Lion works really hard in areas of romance. You can be sure that Leos will be loving, and they definitely have an expectation to receive it in return. If your partner is a Leo, romance is at the foundation of the relationship for him or her. Be certain to express your romantic gestures openly and often. This will make your Lion purr.

Virgo: Virgos can seem somewhat aloof when it comes to romance. They can get stuck in their heads, spinning with ideas of perfection that can keep them out of their senses and romantically unavailable. You'll do good to help your Virgo relax and get present. Thank goodness they're mutable because, once they're relaxed, there is lots of romance to be had.

Libra: Here's the thing about Libras: they love beauty and romance, which might seem inviting at the onset, but the need for balance always swings them back and forth. Romance for Libra lives in their heads and when things get too deep, the romance dies. So keep it light if you want romance with a Libra. They are fun and light hearted. so don't be discouraged.

Scorpio: The Scorpion is most romantic in a committed relationship. A firm knowledge that the loved one is there to stay gives Scorpios the safety and comfort to go deep with a partner and explore their sensual and romantic sides. Deeply intuitive, Scorpios know what is real and what is not. They don't fake romance. If your heart is not true with a Scorpio, take your marbles home or be stung.

Sagittarian: If it serves a purpose or leads to a desirable end (which may well be an over-the-top experience of fast and furious love), Sagittarians can be romantic. Sagittarians go big when love hits them so get ready for fireworks. And be ready to clean the mess when the party is over and daily living hits. Your Sagittarian may be off to another love adventure in short order.

Capricorn: Capricorns will light up and feel all romantic when assured that they're the center of your world. Give them your attention, your affection, your time, your blood, your sweat and tears, and maybe they'll find it sufficient. And be sure to also give them some space to be alone; you'll need the opportunity to get back to your center (unless you too are a Capricorn).

Aquarius: You'll find that Water Bearers' romantic inclinations lean toward home. They love to feel sensually connected to their space, meaning they'll fill their homes with d├ęcor that makes them feel good. They'll love food prepared at home and enjoy entertain the people they love most. So a great, romantic, home-cooked meal will light them up and send their hearts swooning.

Pisces: The Fish can be the greatest of storytellers because their imaginations are so expansive. Romance and dreams go hand in hand for a Pisces. So do your best to romance them with any creative ideas you have. It might even be wise to ask Pisces what would make them feel really special. You're sure to score points that way, and they'll feel important and cared for.

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