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You Rebel, You!

Photograph by Getty Images/Flickr Select

Yes, the world works because, for the most part, we conform and play by the rules. But isn't there some way in which you feel you must just rebel and do what suits you? We each have an inner voice directing us to be ourselves more fully. Where are you obedient to the voice within? Where do you find a way to be uniquely yourself without thought for what the world says is appropriate (or even acceptable)? Let your astrological chart tell you where your unique and outlandish power exists.

Aries: As an Aries, you have a unique way of approaching friendships. You spontaneously connect with friends because fire heats fast. Once you are friends with someone, you will always hold them in a special place in your heart and mind. Your friendships tend to last, but when they don't, you are deeply impacted even though you may not show it outwardly.

Taurus: Taurus leans toward being a rebel at the workplace or in the choice of career. As a Taurus, you are willing and able to make a living in ways that most wouldn't even consider. You're not afraid to go after that career that will requires you to turn your life upside down, move to the other side of the world, and jump on one foot. You'll take great risk for career rewards, and you get results.

Gemini: Gemini, you'll do nearly anything to travel the world, or maybe even live abroad. You do not play it safe when it comes to traveling. You'll leave your homeland to find happiness in foreign places faster than someone can say your name. Your love for the excitement of the new leads you to take risks when it comes to adventures—you know that the rewards are worth it.

Cancer: Cancers can have a unique way of expressing their sexuality, and as a Cancer, you'll occasionally surprise everyone by coming out your shell sexually. You might be a swinger, into having multiple lovers, or be a dominatrix-mommy type. Whatever you're doing sexually is surely out of the box, but with your love for privacy, no one but your partners will ever have a clue.

Leo: For Leos, long-term romantic partnerships often go off the beaten path somehow. Leos always need have some drama nearby, and they can't to keep their longstanding love relationships from serving as stages for the unexpected. As a Leo, you need to be surprised with some frequency, and you need to be looked after by your spouse in ways that others would never require. Leo, you're worth it, but you can be a lot of work.

Virgo: For Virgos, service is at the core of all of their desires, as a Virgo you find unusual ways to help those around you. You'll show up wherever you see a need, and you have a way of getting beneath the appearance and into the cause of a problem. Virgos will rebel against conventional solutions and bring unique offerings that change the game.

Libra: Librans usually have a unique playful streak just beneath the surface, and spontaneous outbursts of fun and play are a Libran's signature. When all the work is done and things are balanced nicely, Libran will break out in dance or song, or just start pouring the wine for all to enjoy. As a Libra, you'll find a moment to relax and play regardless of how stressful life can get.

Scorpio: Scorpio, your home will always have a unique and "so you" flair. You'll take the liberty of making your home a special expression of your sensibilities. You're willing and capable of going wild with colors, décor, and even location. Beyond your actual home, the way you live may be completely out of the box. There is never a dull moment in a Scorpio's residence.

Sagittarius: Archers are willing to shoot their arrows far and wide when it comes to communication. Sagittarians will say all the things no one else would dare speak out loud—as a Sagittarian, you are a communication rebel or sure. It may come across as mean to those on the receiving end, but that's never the case. You just speak it as you see it, with the intention to teach and help. But remember that the arrow can pierce tender skin.

Capricorn: For the most part, Capricorns are pretty consistent. As a Capricorn, you work hard, keep your head to the ground, and focus on what's in front of you. But you can spend money in ways that will have everyone doing a double take. It's not your habit, but occasionally you'll lay down some cash for something outlandish. You deserve it.

Aquarius: Unlike those born under other signs, everything about Aquarians is unique and out of the box. Your entire life is your individual expression, a canvas on which you paint what and how you desire. Your relationships, your work, your faith, and your style are all different and totally you. You go girl!

Pisces: Pisces lives in the ethers between the world where only fish can live and the one where the rest of us reside. As a Pisces, your thinking is completely out of this realm, and because you can see and feel things that most people can't, you respond to events in ways that most cannot comprehend. Keep floating and dancing through the water, Pisces.

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