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Are You a Risk Taker?

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The willingness to take risks is a characteristic that fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are likely to experience. Those born under the fire signs understand action, movement, inspiration, and being seen, while others may have a more difficult time jumping into the fray. Nonetheless, we each have an area in our lives in which we are spontaneous, less risk averse, and inspired to be big. In what area of your life are you just out there, giving everything you have with bold power? Let your astrological chart give you the answers.


A fire sign, and if you're an Aries, you generally welcome taking risks. You aren't afraid to take actions based upon what you think, even if most don't understand or agree. In this respect, your inclination to follow your own ideas when it comes to religious beliefs and philosophies can make you the Ram outside the fold.


In most areas, Taurus, you're slow to move, and you require great consideration before making choices. But this is not always true in your sexual life. Ruled by your senses, you can move quickly into sexual relationships, sometimes finding yourself in the bedroom before you've gotten clear about the direction you and your partner are taking. The next morning you'll be asking yourself, "What's next?" With Taurus, it's either a romance or the nearest exit.


The wheels of your mind never stop turning. And when you're in close partnerships, or a marriage, you will feel free to give your twin nature the life it desires. You'll try all sorts of crazy and inspired risks with a partner. You might take spontaneous trips together, move to the other side of the world, or join a new religion. A committed partner gives you the security to go for it.


True to the nurturing part of you, you will spontaneously do things for others that make their lives better. When someone is in need, leave it to you to sacrifice yourself. You will give whatever you have to ease another's suffering, regardless of the risks that you can face.


You're a fire sign, Leo, and you easily take inspired risks for love and fun. You'll move mountains for your beloved and will go all out for the sake of a good time. Leo will ride roller coasters, sing karaoke, and take big expensive trips all in the name of fun.


As a Virgo, you're likely to be at your most free in your home. It is there that you express yourself and take risks that you wouldn't engage in elsewhere. You appear pretty conservative for the most part, but your space may be anything but controlled and contained. Unconcerned about perfection at home, you let your emotions flow and your true personality is revealed to the select few who might be invited in.


For you, Libra, communication is the place where you just take risks and let it flow. With your inner scale, you have a way of saying even the most difficult things sweetly. It's risky, but you pull it off without batting an eye.


On occasion, Scorpios can come off as overconfident or arrogant. Hey they just believe in themselves as they should and need to in order to climb from such lows to reach such heights in their lives. But others may find it difficult to handle when a Scorpio behaves like they are beneath being told what do or admonished for something they did. Scorpio can be cocky and the rest of us better step aside.


Define themselves by their extreme choices and risky behaviors. There's not much a Sagittarius won't shoot for. As a Sagittarian, you're impetuous. You'll fall in love fast and get married. You'll fall out of love fast and get divorced. You'll move to another country and get married and several months later come home with a partner and child. Watch out, because even you can't keep track of what you'll do next.


For the most part, Capricorns are not the spiritual types; as a Capricorn, you're more focused on creating success here or earth. However, occasionally you'll feel very inspired by something ethereal or spiritual. And when it does happen, you'll find a way to give your inspiration a practical manifestation. You can take something dreamy and make it concrete like no other.


Leave it to Aquarius to take risks and be extreme in their friendships. If you're a Water Bearer, you'll get up in the middle of the night to look after a woebegone pal. You don't mind taking risks for your friends' sake, but your loyalty can be at your own expense.


It's a good thing that you'll take risks in your career, Pisces, because you have a great deal of natural creativity. You're profoundly imaginative, and you'll go to any length to let your inspiration flow. This is why fish are such great writers, actors, and artists; they risk everything for their creative expression and when that's integrated with their chosen career, it's a dream come true.

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