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The Search for Perfection

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None of us is perfect, but that doesn't mean we don't strive for perfection in some area of our lives. If you listen to your inner critic, it's steering you toward some ideal each and every day, maybe each moment of every day. (You may not be consciously aware of it because it's become white noise in your mind.) What is the way in which you constantly push yourself to find a more perfect you?


Your strength (and your weakness) is your insistence that you have a perfect body. You compare yourself to others, work out harder than most, and may even have considered a medical procedure to create a more pleasing physique. A much better approach, Aries, is to accept yourself and give yourself a break. You body is beautiful and no amount of exercise will make it absolutely perfect. Turn all that critical energy away from your body and toward something that will give you a greater reward.


You seeks perfection in your pleasure experiences. You're ruled by your senses, and you know how to take play time to a whole new level. You can, however, be pretty hard to please, because your standards are so high. If something smells not quite right or isn't seasoned to perfection or just doesn't feel good enough, you'll throw the baby out with the bath water.


You'll strive for perfection in your home life. You likely have a constant narrative in your head about improving your space, organizing your family life, and making things better than they currently are. Your home probably has the latest technology to monitor your children's screen access; it's also very family and guest friendly. But there's always something that just doesn't meet your expectations and keeps you feeling inadequate. Take a look around and see if your family is happy. If the answer is yes, you can rest before you start that next project.


Perfection in the area of communication is your goal, Cancer, but with your deep emotions, self-judgment, and fear of revealing yourself, you may struggle terribly. You keep harm out with your shell, but it also keeps everything in. Good communication is a reciprocal experience that requires openness, which you long for and shrink from at the same time. Never stop trying to speak your truth, no matter how difficult it may be. The more practice you get, the easier it will become.


You seek perfection in your finances. You desire to have so much money that you never have to think about whether you have enough for any particular thing. It's a good thing that you're magnetic, hard working, and capable of building wealth in ways that compliment your talents. Be sure to remember that money is not your god—it can't buy you friends and happiness, even though it might seem that way. People who show you love and affection because you have success and nice things are not long-term friends. Let your money serve you, and be thoughtful not to serve it.


You seek perfection with yourself. No one can do what you can, because you push yourself to grow beyond any actual or perceived limitation. You are harder on yourself than any parent, teacher, or friend could ever be. You are also harder on you than you are on any other person. Occasionally you might consider looking around and noticing how well you are doing rather than noticing how much better you could be doing.


You love balance and harmony, and as a Libra, you'll likely seek perfection between worlds. That means you'll attempt to find balance between the seen and unseen, everyday life and spiritual concepts. A Libra will likely often be in a deep question about what is true, real, and meaningful. It's best if you just decide to trust your unique way of being and let that make sense for you. What you believe doesn't have to make anyone happy but yourself.


Friends will be one of the most challenging areas in your life, Scorpio. Why? Because most people simply aren't as peaceful as you. While others struggle to know themselves, you do not. When others are sexually rigid, you are not. And when others don't understand why life can be difficult and messy, you do not. Your friends will try to understand you but they often won't have the capacity or depth to success. Learn to enjoy being alone; time will bring you like-minded souls.


You'll strive for perfection in your career, but often miss the mark You need your work to feel meaningful and inspiring all the time, and that's just not possible. Trust that your simple presence is perfection, because you are the driving force that offers inspiration to others. Be satisfied with your good experiences.


To be or not to be, that is the question, Capricorn. I'm serious. You want to find the perfect way to master being a human with all of its challenges, insecurities, and unknowns. Your search will take you in and out of experiences of depression and acceptance. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and lighten up whenever possible. You know that another inner battle is around the corner.


Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage, Aquarius? You hope so, and you'll likely spend many years attempting to find "the one." Even when you find that ideal partner, you'll wonder if he or she is actually the person for you. You'd be better served by accepting that you're "the one" for you, and keep your attention focused on what you're up to. Marriage is a journey of twist and turns, and finding love is in itself a form of perfection.


You live in a dream world, you struggle a bit to thrive in daily life, where those around you aren't meaningfully connected with something greater. You are always tuned into the greater consciousness and can't live your life any other way. Your desire to bring the dream to earth and create a perfect heavenly life can make you irritable. But never stop trying; yours is a great intention and the rest of us need you to uplift us.

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