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Let the Moon Lead You

Photograph by Getty Images

The moon spends approximately three days in each astrological house before moving on to the next, and each house has its own characteristics, affecting our emotions when the moon visits. We are wise to attend to particular areas of our lives depending on what sign the moon is situated in at any given time. You can find out what sign the moon is in by going to: lunaf.com. Below are some suggestions as to how you can use your time and energy when the moon visits each sign.


When the moon is in Aries, we feel enthusiastic, and are ready to take action toward new projects or resolve issues that require our attention. This is a great time to use our intellects to get clear about what we'd like to achieve and the specifics toward getting there. An Aries moon will help us feel like we can do anything.


When the moon is in Taurus, we feel our hearts swing wide open for love and romance. This is a wonderful time to set intentions for love and relationships, and it's also a great time to focus our love energy toward improving our income. Romance and finance are the areas calling us during a Taurus moon.


When the moon is in Gemini our desire to communicate will overflow. Whatever hasn't been said or needs to be said will nearly push us over until it is free. This is a good time to write that email, start a book, create a blog or just do communicate in whatever way feels right. When the moon is in Gemini, we will need to speak our truth.


When the moon is in Cancer our desire to be in our home deepens. This is a period in which we might feel compelled to make our home feel safer and more nurturing. It is also a good time to carefully nurture ourselves: because the moon is at home while in Cancer, there's a good chance emotions will be high.


A Leo moon offers the perfect time to be courageous. Maybe we should try to resolve a power struggle we may be experiencing. This is also a great time to put our attention on fertility, if we desire to conceive. We're best off allowing our hearts to feel deeply and to relax in the knowledge of our own perfection. We're bold and sexy, and we should not let that energy go to waste.


While the moon is in Virgo, this is a perfect time to get organized. We may feel an overwhelming need to clean our houses, cars, or workspaces. We might also feel energized to start that new diet or workout schedule. When the moon is in Virgo, we find everything that isn't working and the solutions to make it better.


The perfect time to give attention to our artistic projects and our partnerships is when the moon is in Libra. During this period, we feel a need to harmonize what is out of whack in our relationships—our desire to feel and see beauty in everything will be strong, so we'll do whatever is needed to make corrections toward happiness.


While the moon is in Scorpio, it's a great time to have a deep and powerful sexual experience with our lovers. Our psychic intuition may be extra strong, making sexual connection that much more powerful. There is a tendency to feel very private or secretive when the moon is in Scorpio, all of which makes for great sexual encounters.


We might feel a need to do something fun and spontaneous when the moon is in Sagittarius. This could range from a barely planned trip to an elopement. Inspiration arises during a Sagittarian moon, and we feel lucky and likely to succeed.


If we feel the desire to work our fingers to the born, it's likely that the moon is in Capricorn. This is a time when we can't get enough of our desire for success, and our ambitions and work ethics are on high alert. We might as well give over to it and feel the burn.


We often feel compelled to help others when the moon is in Aquarius. Freedom is always the name of the game at this time, so anything making us feel restricted will need to go. We'll be seeking our own path (and bringing along our loved ones—no Aquarian goes it alone).


While the moon is in Pisces, our creative energies will be flowing like a wild river. Our creative flow will be moving full force during this time, and we shouldn't resist it; it will likely provide us with some jewels from within. We might also pay attention to our intuition, because a Pisces moon makes us feel very connected to the unseen realms.

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