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The Expression of Your Creativity

Photograph by Getty Images/RooM RM

In what way does your creativity surface? You may think you are not creative because you can't paint or build things from scratch, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone is creative. The question is how does your creativity, imagination, and spirit best take form? Let's see what your astrological chart says about how you are most creative.


When trouble strikes, Aries, you become MacGyver. You are a master of finding solutions, and you have the energy and determination to follow through. You never seem to tire until you're sure you've made a clearing in the field. Your creativity lays in your ability to get out of a bind.


Your friendships and organizational affiliations might seem odd to most people, but for you, diversity sparks your interest and keeps your intellectual juices flowing. You are out of the box, surrounding yourself with people who have varied beliefs, associations, and ways of approaching the world. You get excited by those who see things with fresh eyes, and your express yourself through vast and varied friendly connections.


Gemini, there's a good chance your work is highly creative or even usual. You won't find a Gemini joyfully doing some mundane activity every day. Your profession offers you your creative outlet, often taking the form of communications, writing, or research.


As a Cancer, your favorite place to be is at home, but when you do decide to travel, you're open to the most creative adventures. Occasionally you break out of your shell and take a journey of a lifetime to a place that you'll never forget or regret you've visited. When you're out of your familiar surroundings and in a foreign land, your creativity springs into high gear and who knows—you might go deep-sea diving off a cruise ship or even climb a glacier.


Sexual creativity is your superpower. You are willing to try nearly anything with your lover. It's not that you're a freak, it's just that you like sexual intimacy to be free and exciting. Your creativity sparks beneath the covers, and boy do you put on a great show for your partner—a show of love and juicy fun that is.


Marriage may be an adventure in creativity for you. Your long-term partnership will surely have some creative component to it, helping it endure for many years. You are creative and mutable, allowing you to change and grow within your relationship, allowing it to survive and weather a multitude of storms.


You are very creative in the way you serve others. You have a way of knowing what people need, even if they don't know themselves. You have eyes that see what can't easily be seen and ears that hear what can't easily be heard. This skill allows you to be very creative as you support and help others in their times of need.


Parenting is something you are willing to do differently from others. You create your own rules and systems to support your children, making them feel loved and helping them succeed. You're likely to be completely off the beaten path in nearly every way, creating your own tools and systems to nurture your kids. Homeschooling is nothing for you.


Sagittarius, your home life if where you let your creativity shine. You probably never call someone to make home repairs because you're creative enough to figure it out yourself. You can do any and everything around the house.


You find a unique way to communicate, and because you're such a worker bee, it probably manifests on the job. Nothing can stop you from getting the information you seek, and you'll go to extremes to discover what you need in order to succeed. Your creativity is endless in your desire to find answers, information, and solutions in all manner of communication.


The material realm is like a playground for you. You like odd and eclectic things that most people would ignore because their vision isn't as expansive as yours. Your creativity is sourced in being unique and so far out of the box that it seems almost rebellious. If it's strange (and arguably an eyesore), you see its beauty.


For you Pisces, creativity is the air you breathe. You live in a dream state during sleeping and waking hours, floating just above the majority of us. Everything about you exudes your creative nature, from the clothes you wear to the car you drive. Your life is your artistry.

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