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What Type of Mother Are You?

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How we ourselves were mothered, along with the resources we have available to us, will have an impact on our behaviors as moms. Our astrological chart also has within it some information as to what type of mother we likely are or will be to our children. What skills come easily and where might you struggle? What does your sun sign say about you as a mother?


As an Aries, you tend to see your children through the lens of your own experiences. This means that you give your children what you believe them to need and desire, and that you might have a difficult time seeing them as they see themselves. As an Aries, you need to be careful to not confuse your own needs with those of your children.


Because you're driven by your desire to create a comfortable material world, it is likely that you'll be a good provider for your children in that respect. It's also likely that they'll know how much you paid for everything, how hard you've worked, and how you feel about the way they treat their possessions. As a Taurus, you never keep anything hidden from your children, and they'll learn from you both the value of a dollar and the value of work.


As a Gemini mother, you'll give your children the best money can buy for their education and anything else that will further their futures. You'll spare no expense to help your children advance intellectually, intending to give them a great start for a successful life.


As a Cancer, you truly identify with the characteristics or the mother archetype. You are very nurturing, and find great pleasure in the activities of raising someone from infancy into adulthood. If Cancer women don't have children; oh the suffering that can ensue. If you're a Cancer but not a mom, be sure to find pets or children who are not yours to nurture and love.


The Lion tends to be a bit dreamy about parenthood. As a Leo, you need things to feel ideal in order for you to be a happy mother. When life is great, money is flowing, and kids are obedient, you will shine and feel like you're on top of the world, the queen of the jungle. But when the storms come, and they surely will, you'll have a difficult time finding your footing. Just remember that everything passes, and you'll be on top again soon enough.


As a Virgo you'll treat your children more like friends than like kids. Of course their lives will be well organized, and because you're so mindful of good health, you'll make healthy living imperative for them. You're a practical mother, and your service to your children is always with the intention of making them self-sufficient adults.


As a Libra, you'll dedicate yourself to being a mother as if mothering were your career. You're responsible in all the ways your children need. You'll see their gifts and talents and support them in their success, just the way a supervisor grooms her staff. You will invest your best in your children and expect to see results that benefit their lives.


The Scorpio mom is fun and truthful in all her mothering ways. As a Scorpio, you will go the extra mile to make life exciting for your children. You'll inspire them and protect them, but you'll be sure to let them know that you are always the boss.


Don't be surprised if you have very deep and personal relationships with your children. On some level, the duties of motherhood have an eternal, and yet unconventional, place in your life. You may find that your children live at home longer than you like or need your financial support when you'd like them to be independent.


Your relationship with your children will endure every type of life experience that can be offered. As a Capricorn, you'll treat your children like intelligent, capable people in little bodies. There will be no babying going on. Children of a Capricorn will learn how to care for themselves, make things, and do thing with their hands.


As an Aquarius, you'll be of service to your children in nearly every way, and your mission will be to simply make them their best possible selves. An Aquarian mother is self-sacrificing.


With your incredible imagination, Pisces, you'll do your best to play and make childhood the best thing any child could dream of. You're a creative mother, doing things you know that your children will both need and appreciate. Motherhood is the place where the Pisces dreaminess will be anchored and manifest earthly joy.

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