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Drew Barrymore, Pisces Through and Through

The sun has moved into the Pisces mansion, and that means that change is afoot. Pisces is the sign of fish; two fish moving in opposite directions. Pisces is the dreamer, creator, mystic, and poet. While the sun is in Pisces, we'll all have the opportunity to evolve our consciousnesses, expand our creativity and discover tools to fulfill our dreams.

A great representation of the Pisces spirit is Drew Barrymore. Barrymore has an undeniable airiness about her, and she has a childlike quality with her playful and rebellious nature. Barrymore also has a hopeful spirit and she is anchored in the dream of what can be. Let's examine the Pisces sun sign, through the image of the beloved movie star and author Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore was born February 22, 1975, with the sun in Pisces, the moon in Cancer, and her ascendant as Gemini. Each of these aspects shows forth very powerfully in her personality.

Sun in Pisces:

Just like a true Pisces who lives in the creative process, Barrymore has said, "I've always loved butterflies because they remind us that it's never too late to transform ourselves." Transformation is the act of living in the spaces where creativity is king, that place where there is nothing until it becomes something. Barrymore's entire life has been framed by the creative experience, with her Hollywood roots reaching back to 1976. She was literally born to transform dreams into reality and to usher in the creative process in any arena she chooses for herself. Pisces are highly intuitive, which assists their creative potential. It is one thing to be born into a family where creativity is highly prized as a valuable way to make a living and contribute to the world, and something entirely else to have the talent to succeed. It is Barrymore's Pisces sun that provides the framework for her strong acting and creative skills.

Moon in Cancer:

The moon sign represents our emotions, what we need to express in order to feel happiest and most satisfied. Barrymore's Cancer moon means she needs to create and give birth. This birthing process could be literal or figurative, but the desire to mother and nurture something into being is powerfully strong and virtually impossible to resist in those with this moon placement. Those with a moon in Cancer are highly emotional and sensitive people, often tapping into the feelings of others. This would explain Barrymore's drug use as a young person; the drugs were a tool to numb the energies and sensations she was picking up from those around her. In her memoir, WildFlower, Barrymore says that her children are experiencing parenting in a way she never knew (which she is creating as she goes). For Barrymore, the Cancer moon means that she will not repeat with her children the negative experiences she had with her parents. The Pisces sun, Cancer moon combination give her ability the to dream and to nurture those dreams into reality with talent and care.

Gemini Ascendant:

Barrymore has a Gemini ascendant, which determines how she presents herself to the world. Just like a Gemini, she shows herself to be intelligent and somewhat aloof, with a wit and charm that make people want to be around her. The lovely thing about having a Gemini ascendant is that it gives Barrymore an air of balance to her Pisces sun/Cancer moon emotional energies. Geminis are thinkers, communicators, and writers, and each are activities we see Barrymore excel in, wearing the hats of businesswoman, leader, and memoirist.

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