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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Photograph by Getty Images/Maskot

Everyone loves a beautiful full moon. There is something so mystical about witnessing that brilliant light in the dark sky. This coming full moon lands in Libra, and it's also a full lunar eclipse. The full moon in Libra shines light on relationships and it asks us to bring balance and harmony into our interpersonal lives. The energy of the eclipse suggests that changes are afoot. The question is, where will the changes occur? The opportunity is for you, according to your personal astrological chart, to open your heart and mind, filter the energy, and make the shift. Resistance is not your friend during this full month; trust will move you forward.


The full moon eclipse in Libra lands opposite your house in Libra, meaning you'll have a direct hit of energy in your relationships and partnerships. Because full moons signify endings, this moon's light shines on what is not working or serving you in your relationships at this time. Is what you're giving balanced by what you're getting in a particular relationship? (Note that the relationship could be with your landlord, your spouse, your child, or even a pet.) Consider any relationship that needs to shift in some way, and open your mind to what you need to do. The eclipse will not allow you linger; change is here.


Expect some pretty significant changes and adjustments to happen in your daily life and the systems you've created to establish order. Maybe you've grown attached to particular yoga teacher, and she needs to leave for long journey. You'll have to find a new teacher that pushes you. You might also discover that some health condition is improving and doesn't need as much attention as it did, or vice versa. This full moon eclipse signifies something you rely upon often will change. Be sure to stay calm, observant, and willing to roll with it. An easy attitude will make this full moon eclipse full of grace and new possibilities.


Your life has seemingly been out of balance lately—either you're working too much or playing too hard. The full moon gives you the energy you need to end the power struggle and create the balance you desire between work and play. Trust your instinct and take clear actions toward evening out your activities. Gemini needs to both play and toil, so be strategic in adding some much needed shifts in your calendar.


It's true what they say Cancer, a house is not a home, and something big time is up for you in your home sector during this full moon eclipse in Libra. The balance has been off lately, and your roots are being pulled up. Has the crab out grown it's shell and in need of new home all together? Or do you need to face some old wound with your family of origin that has been causing you strife? You can no longer push it down. The full moon in Libra will bring your home life front and center, asking that you find balance, deal with old issues, and create a much-desired peace within yourself.


Leo, either you've not been speaking your truth lately, or you've not been allowing others the space or safety to speak theirs. Which is it? It's important that you look into your relationships and discover where the communication imbalances exist. The full moon eclipse in Libra will definitely shine light on what needs to change and provide energy for it to happen. If you've been holding something back, you might unexpectedly blow up like a volcano. Oh the roar of the angry lion can snap everyone quickly into place.


You can expect something abundant to happen in your income or money sector. With Jupiter in your sign, expansion is definitely on the menu. You might get an unexpected financial gift or a bonus of some sort. However you experience this windfall, be mindful of your circumstances before spending or investing it. With Jupiter in your sign for a few more months, growth is almost guaranteed.


This full moon eclipse in your sign will help you quickly get your life into balance. If things have felt out skewed in your mind and heart lately, they've undoubtedly impacted your outer world experience in a myriad of ways. This is your opportunity to bring your mastery front and center. Like a magician, you create order and harmony within your relationships, starting with your relationship with you.


The full moon eclipse lands in your house of secrets, dreams, and spirituality. Dear Scorpio, you have the ability to sense what might be in store for you or those close to you. I wouldn't be surprised if you've been feeling some new energies coming, and if you've been having prophetic dreams in the past month. If you find yourself holding a deep secret for someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, this is the time to help him or her get clarity by sharing your wisdom. And be sure to release the information completely. If you don't, it will remain a burden for you.


Everything has become a slow grind lately Sagittarius, with Saturn orbiting your house. It's all about lessons and more lessons. With Saturn nearby, be sure to consider the benefits and costs of all future plans as they pertain to friends, associations, and organizations, as these areas are where the full moon eclipse lands for you. Ask yourself, what am I learning?, what do I need to release?, and what do I need to become? with regard to future goals. After you've clearly grasped the lesson, move forward with joyful anticipation.

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