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Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Photograph by Getty Images/Moment RF

There is a very magical solar eclipse happening in the mystical sign of Pisces this month. (The eclipse occurs on March 8th or 9th depending on where you are in the world. Note that it will not be visible anywhere in the US outside of Alaska.) This is powerful energy because Pisces is the sign that rules consciousness, spirituality, intuition, and our connection with something greater than ourselves. A full solar eclipse occurs at the time of the new moon, when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun and casts a shadow over the Earth. The energy of the solar eclipse in Pisces is great for desired changes, intuitive power, and new beginnings, launching your dreams and creating unions. How should you use the power and magic of this solar eclipse energy in Pisces? Let your astrological sign lead you.


We all have a spirit, Aries, and yours will be getting a jump-start during this new moon/full solar eclipse. Now is the time to make the changes you deeply desire and dream of. Remember your power in is your mind, now link your mind to your spirit, and blast off toward your dreams. You can do it!


If you've been waiting for the right opportunity to join or start an organization that has significant meaning for your life goals, this is the moment to do it. Like an automatic revolving door, you'll need to get in at the perfect time to move to the next level. Here's your perfect moment, Taurus. Don't waste a second dragging your feet. Your chance to launch your goals is now.


This is it, Gemini! You've been waiting for the career opportunity that makes you feel fulfilled, necessary, and valuable in ways only an intellectual, informed, and hard-working Gemini can be. Well, don't give up because the energy you desire to leap forward is upon you. This is your chance to ask for that raise, start that new project, and apply for your dream position. Whatever your career dreams are at this time, you can reach them.


Your philosophy toward life has been shifting within you of late. It may seem that what you believe about yourself and life in general is being deeply challenged. This can be very scary for you, Cancer, and your emotions are running high. Let the energy of this full solar eclipse in Pisces help you get on track. Now is a great time to take up a sacred practice that can assist you in establishing a route. Yoga, nature walks, or breathing meditation could be good places to start.


Leo, does it seem lately as though your love life is dying a slow death? Are your sexual desire and relationships hanging by a thread? This is deeply troubling for you, Leo, because sex is one way you can surely be the center of attention. The eclipse energy will inspire your sex life, but be sure to catch the momentum before it dissipates and you're left feeling dissatisfied.


Relationship changes are on the table for you, Virgo. You've been considering everything from being single to having children and all that's in between. This is time to pay the piper and make a decision. Don't wait until you've made more money, or lost a few more pounds. Whomever you choose will love your mind and heart; he or she isn't interested in the things you are so self-critical about. Let go and let love dear Virgo.


If you've been trying to create order and systems in your life or business lately but it has eluded you, step back and watch the magic happen. Your need for balance and harmony make you masterful in this area, but sometimes the mastery unravels and you're left wounded like a lost soul. Those days have ended, and your natural power to make beauty out of madness will be restored. Hocus-pocus!


Things have been feeling pretty bleak lately, Scorpio. You've been feeling like you can't get out from the shadow of hard work, career challenges, and money issues, and your joy tank is empty. Thankfully, thiss eclipse energy will bring magic and play into your life like a fresh breeze. If you're ready to come up for air, lift your head and have some fun.


This is not the easiest time for you with Saturn in your sign. Saturn is the great teacher and you've been learning lots of life lessons. This eclipse will highlight your domestic life. What do you desire to change at this time in your home? I wish I could say you'll be able to do so now, but Saturn means there's much to unfold. This is a wonderful time to think about how you can grow from your early childhood experiences. Doing so will spark the magic (and the change) in your life.


This is it Capricorn, that time for you to speak up and get acknowledged for the all the incredible work you've been doing. Whatever you have to say at this time will get the attention of those who have the power to green light projects and assignments you're involved with. Now is not the time to second-guess your self. As a matter of fact, the magic comes from you knowing your worth and speaking truth to power like only you can do.


If you've been struggling with your ability to make money or find work that is satisfying and purposeful, the tides are changing. But be sure to have an optimistic perspective and drop the old story that says "I'll never find what I'm looking for." If you believe you will find what you desire, then you will. Your belief in your ability to find or create work opportunities that inspire you is the fuel you'll need to get you there.


Oh Pisces, you are full of magic! This year is stellar for healing old wounds, manifesting your dreams, and doing exceptional things regarding your heartfelt dreams. What's your wildest dream, Pisces? What's your deepest desire? What has your powerful intuition been pointing you toward? Well this eclipse energy will work like a rocket with the highest octane fuel taking you directly where you desire to go. Blast off!

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