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What's in Store for You While the Sun Is in Aries

Photograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

The sun is in Aries from now until April 20, and that means new beginnings are afoot. What new beginnings are in store for you during this Aries season?


Happy birthday Aries! It's a great time to celebrate, as everyone will be ready to get the party started with spring in the air. You'll start the month by turning your focus toward yourself. That's right, this is a time for self-love and care, as Venus enters Aries. You'll have lots of fresh energy from the new moon to give attention to your financial affairs and business dealings early in the month. The theme for you right now is renewal in every area of your life, Aries.


This month is ideal for you to turn your attention inward. Reflection and deep self-care are what is needed just before you give birth to a new you in the next several weeks. Focus on how you'd like to feel and give thanks for the times when you actually experience your most desired emotions. Also watch your dreams, as they have information for you with regard to preparing for your birthday season.


While the sun is in Aries, it would serve you to focus your attention on new beginnings regarding your goals, work you do with organizations. and relationships with friends. Pay close attention to issues you feel drawn toward. Maybe you'll do volunteer work, donate money, or join a movement. Whatever calls to you, be sure it aligns with your intellectual sensibilities and makes sense for your life at this time.


This is your month for career shifts, Cancer. If you've been looking for new energy to jump-start your career goals, and you've been working diligently in the direction of your dreams, this month will give you a boost. Be sure you bring your full self to your work, and expect results.


Have you been considering adopting a new philosophy or spiritual practice of some sort? You're looking for a deep change, but can't figure out what's actually calling you. Go within dear lion, and seek the power and guidance of your own soul. This might lead you to a pilgrimage of some sort, but ultimately you'll find yourself, a new self that is.


This is a month for you to go deep into yourself; studying your mind, practicing meditation, and creating something more positive for your life. New beginnings in a business or romantic partnership are available for you. If these opportunities present themselves, take your time finalizing any agreements until Mercury is out of retrograde. [Say when this will be.]


New relationships are in the air for you, dear Libra, and how appropriate for spring. Love and relationship are your power tools, and it's time to pull them out as you renew your love for self and a romantic partner. Do not hold back Libra, have fun, and let your heart go for a ride. You'll be happy you did.


This Aries sun will require that you focus on your health. What can you do to renew your commitment to your well being? Do you need to start a new workout program? Have you visited the doctor lately to learn more about healthy behaviors to optimize your body and mind? Be sure to pay attention to how you are feeling and what you can do to feel better. This is the month to start new with your physical, mental, and spiritual health.


A renewed sense of play and adventure is just what you've been waiting for, Sagittarius. Now that spring is here, you'll have all the support from the stars to do something fun and filled with exploration. It's not time to take a trip just yet, but it's a good time to plan one, in order to get your playful juices flowing and geared up for all the new beginnings in store for you.


During this time of renewal, you'll have an opportunity to revisit your roots and consider thinking about your early years with a new mind. You might find it easier to forgive your parents or siblings for harms done long ago. You may not have even known you were holding resentments until some type of family crisis demands your attention. Whatever you discover, forgiveness is the answer. It will be the gateway to your freedom, Capricorn.


This is the time to renew your mind, Aquarius. Take inventory of what thoughts no longer serve your process. Are you focused on not having enough or on experiencing lack in some way? Have you been playing a negative tape in your head about your life, your body, or your work? Create thoughts that inspire love in you; you'll feel like yourself again soon.


You've been waiting for the stars to align on behalf of your finances, and now is your time, Pisces. This month the sun in Aries will lend energy to the profitability of whatever projects you've been working on lately. And don't stop now; you're just getting the momentum you need to aim even higher.

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