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Spring Is in the Air

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

Yes, we have come out of the darkness and into the light. Spring is here and that means blossoms are sprouting in nearly every direction. What spring flowers match your astrological chart and will have you feeling pretty, happy, and light in your heart?


Tulips go hand in hand with spring, new beginnings, and beauty. As this is your birthday season Aries, it makes sense that the flower that makes us thinks of spring and rebirth would best suit you.


Lilacs are extravagant, beautiful, and fragrant. These blossoms will ignite all your senses and help you open to all the goodness coming your way.


Lemon blossoms are just what the twin aspect of Gemini will enjoy. This blossom is highly fragrant and is also followed by fruit—lemons to be exact. Sweet-smelling and cleansing, lemons serve many purposes, and you'll use them for every one of them.


Daffodils are simple and beautiful. They bring light to any room and possess an innocent charm. These spring blossoms will dance with your emotions, leaving you feeling safe and lovely.


Pink Discovery Azaleas will catch the attention of everyone passing by. They are bold and plentiful and will match your fiery nature, Leo. These blossoms will ignite your energy for spring and have you shining even more brightly than usual.


Double Rock Rose is perfect for the meticulous, ever-patient Virgo. This flower doesn't blossom until late spring, but once it arrives, you'll appreciate all of its glory.


Harmony Iris is bold and beautiful, just the way you like it, Libra. These blossoms stand out due to their bright color and whimsical petals. If striking beauty is what you crave, the Iris will deliver.


Grape Hyacinth is eye catching as it grows in clusters. The plants resemble grapes, and leave you feeling happy. Scorpio, you'll get a good dose of joy from these blossoms.


Primrose is one the quintessential signs of spring, and this blossom is your signal that you can get outdoors, play a bit, and get your travel plans in motion.


Majestic magnolia trees are timeless and regal, as they produce huge white flowers that will make you stop and gaze, Capricorn. You appreciate a blossom that is rooted deep with the tree, yet reaches high from the branches. Digging and lifting, just like you.


Peonies come near the end of spring and the beginning of summer. They are stunning in their presentation and unique among flowers. They suit the water carrier, as they like a well-drained soil.


Jasmine is one of the most fragrant blossoms of the season, giving the signal that spring has surely arrived. It's impossible to withstand the intoxication these blossoms create in the mind and heart of all who behold the tiny buds. Pisces, if your yard is filled with jasmine, you'll be sent into your dreamiest state.

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