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Are You Born On the Cusp

Photograph by Getty Images/Moment RF

When asked their astrological sign, many people will tell you that they were "born on the cusp." In terms of the stars, this means that they were born as the sun was exiting one astrological mansion and entering another. And here's what it means in your life:

Aries–Taurus: April 17th–April 22nd

If you were born on the Aries–Taurus cusp, you have lots of energy to get things done. Your Aries fire has an endless drive to build whatever you desire, while your Taurus earth has lots of desires for material security. The sensuous Taurus feels everything strongly, while the Aries fire generates a burning passion for food, comfort, human connection, and pleasure. Be aware that sometimes passion can become aggression in the bull/ram mix.

Taurus–Gemini: May 17th–May 23rd

If you were born of the Taurus–Gemini cusp, it's likely you're the life of the party. You've got Taurus's love of food, wine, and pleasure-seeking, combined with Gemini's desire to socialize and connect with people. Everyone loves you and you love everyone, simply because it feels good. Addiction could be something to watch if you land in this cusp. If you aren't mindful, you're likely to enjoy too much of a good thing.

Gemini–Cancer: June 17th –June 23rd

Those born in the Gemini–Cancer cusp have access to great mental power and heart power. This is where the mind and the heart live in happy communion, making for a very magical person. You are brilliant. Your friends love you, and your family feels nurtured and seen by you. Cancer's heartfelt emotions and Gemini's intellect will serve to keep you at the head of your game. Be mindful to give yourself space to decompress when needed. You must take care of yourself first if you will be of service to others.

Cancer–Leo: July 19th–July 25th

This might prove to be a challenging cusp combination, because Cancer and Leo are really different in most ways. Cancer is inward and nurturing, while Leo is dramatic and seeks attention from outward influences. Self-awareness is the gift here. Learning to nurture yourself will be the source of your freedom. When your emotions spiral, which they will, learn to create tools that make you feel seen and cared for.

Leo–Virgo: August 19th–August 25th

This cusp offers lots of personality choices. The Virgo energy is reserved, structured, and contained, while Leo is dramatic and outward focused. Virgo is earth and Leo is fire, which will consume the other. Regardless of where you land along this spectrum, the benefit to you will be your work ethic. Work is an undeniable joy for those born in this cusp and success should certainly follow in any field you choose.

Virgo–Libra: September 19th–September 25th

The Virgo-Libra cusp is a beautiful mix of air and earth that blends beauty, order, communication, and relationship. If you were born on one of these days, you add beauty to every environment. You're very well groomed and usually fashion forward. Your most exceptional trait is your sharp mind—you are a deep thinker who can hold thoughtful conversations.

Libra–Scorpio: October 19th–October 25th

This is a powerful cusp that blends Venus and Pluto, melding heart and sex. If you are a Libra–Scorpio blend, you're a force to be reckoned with, as you can make anything happen. You are both a great leader and a fantastic romancers.

Scorpio–Sagittarius: November 19th–November 25th

The mix of Scorpio intensity and Sagittarian boldness can create a very powerful individual. If you're a Scorpio–Sagittarius combination, you carry a great deal of power, allowing you influence and success, if you can channel it positively. Sagittarian energy reaches into the group consciousness to find solutions while Scorpio can get things done—you're someone who can make changes for the good.

Sagittarian–Capricorn: December 18th–December 24th

The mix of the Sagittarian's optimism and the Capricorn's practicality can be a tremendous balance for those born under this influence. The former's energy believes in the goodness in all things while the latter will work day and night to achieve desired goals. If you're born in this cusp, be careful to find the balance between your pragmatic side and your idealistic one. If you don't, you might find your emotions swing between very low lows and very high highs.

Capricorn–Aquarius: January 17th–January 23rd

The grounded Capricorn mixed with the whimsical and rebellious Aquarius could make for an eternal inner war. While Capricorn is deeply dedicated and hard working, the Aquarian requires freedom and causes that drive her passion. If this is where you fall on the astrological spectrum, you're talkative, hard working, and highly entertaining.

Aquarius–Pisces: February 15th–February 21st

Those born under this influence likely started the free love, no-war and peace movements. Freedom mixed with dreams makes it difficult for those born here to stay grounded. If this is the cusp under which you were born, you simply don't dwell in concrete realities and that makes you highly creative, spiritual, and mystical, offering an energy exuding love and peace.

Pisces–Aries: March 17th–March 23th

The combination of dreaminess and "make it happen" energies means you have exactly what it takes to make the world better for everyone. Pisces' compassion and Aries' drive to get what you desire now is an unstoppable combination and a beauty to behold. While Aries can be self-focused, the Pisces' energy blends with all it encounters, creating a machine that brings everyone along for the ride to success.

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