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Scorpio Full Moon Shines Light on Relationships

Photograph by Getty Images

We're in store for an incredible full moon on April 23 in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the great alchemist, means it's energy generates significant change. Scorpio is the sign of life, death, sex, and other people's money. When the full moon happens in Scorpio, you can be sure that real changes are afoot. In addition to the Scorpio influence, the energy of the full moon will have profound impacts on love relations. Let's see what's in store for you and for your relationships.


Are you allowing yourself to really connect with others and have openhearted, intimate connections? With you ruler, Mars, in retrograde, this is great time to slow down and work to connect that fast-moving mind of yours with your heart. If you are in a romantic relationship, intend to take your time with your partner by listening, breathing in their essence, and opening your heart to them. This will create an experience of connection and intimacy you didn't know you were craving.


This full moon lands directly on your relationships and ask you to see yourself and your partner more clearly. This is a full moon that suggests anything could happen and that means your perception could change radically. Full moons often give us the energy we need to let go, and the best place to let go first, is in your mind.


The full moon in Scorpio will give you the opportunity to take a look at your relationships and evaluate if they're serving you and your partner in the best of ways. Are you happy? Are you growing? Are you stimulated by your partner? Take a close look at your relationships—romantic and business—and determine if they're living up to your standards.


The Scorpio full moon asks you to consider if you and others are experiencing joy, playfulness, and reciprocity in your relationships. Where there is love, there can also be lots of playful exchange. Be sure you are having fun in your love connections.


Your home life and roots will be highlighted during the Scorpio full moon. This means that relationships with those you live with or people you grew up with might call for your attention. Relationships with siblings and parents often have strong energetic binds. If you're looking to let go of old, deep patterns, now is your chance. A Scorpio full moon will give you everything needed to make huge and lasting shifts.


The Scorpio full moon will offer you the courage you need to speak your truth in a deep and transformative way to someone. What you say might change everything, so be thoughtful, practical, and true when you speak. Words have power, and your words have the power to heal or destroy.


The Scorpio full moon will fall in your house of money. This is perfect time to take a look at projects that may bring in new income. It's also a wonderful time to review your relationship to money. Are you managing it or is it managing you? Are you generating money in ways that add to your happiness and sense of purpose? If not, let go of old behaviors and create a new plan that will better serve you.


The full moon falls in your sign this month and that means you'll have extra energy to transform, release, and be born again. It also means you'll have a chance to focus on loving yourself. Are you doing things you love? Are you spending time with people who value and appreciate you? Are you taking good care of your health? Take this time to look at yourself and see what you desire to change and like magic, it will be done.


The Scorpio full moon will shine light on your inner world. It's important to pay attention to how people and situations make you feel during this lunar phase. Listen to your intuition and be willing to follow its guidance, which is priceless. You can never go wrong when you trust your inner wisdom. This is how your soul communicates with you, so don't ignore it.


The Scorpio full moon will land in your house of friendships, asking you to take inventory of those relationships. How much time are you giving to these relationships? Are you making a valuable difference in the lives of your friends? There is always something being exchanged in every relationship, and this is a good time to determine if you're getting and giving what matters for you.


The Scorpio full moon lands in your career house. This will be a perfect time to get clear about your career goals and plot your steps to fulfillment. If you're doing work that doesn't light you up, consider letting it go. I'm not suggesting you quit your job, but if you're not happy at work, you should admit your displeasure to yourself and get creative and consistent about finding a new path.


The full moon will highlight your opportunity to travel abroad or extend yourself internationally. If your work gives you reason to travel, use your creative expression to make a great impression. Give your all and your best. If you are teaching some sort of class, it is more than likely that your students will refer you to others and sing your praises far and wide.

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