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Let Them Eat Cake

Photograph by Getty Images

Alternative: A slice of cake for everyone is a part of the May Day tradition, and with May around the corner, you just might want to take a trip to your favorite bakery. But how to choose what indulgence is the perfect choice for the end of your Maypole dance? Let your sign lead you to the cake that will utterly tempt your taste buds and tickle your fancy.


Cookies and Cream Oreo Cake. Aries, you'll love this triple-layer cake with cookies and cream filling, covered with frosting and topped with Oreo cookies. Enjoy yourself as much as you want because it's your birthday.


Ice Cream Cone on a Cake. Taurus your love for food and all tasty things can be unleashed for a season. An ice cream cone atop the cake will make your mouth water and eyes fill with tears. Joy will explode from you.


Triple Layer Coconut Cake. Gemini, you can be very serious, but you also can play and have a grand ole time with more fervor than most. This triple-layer coconut cake will help you put the serious side away for just a little while. Get the party started.


Molten Lava Cake. Pure decadence is what you deserve, Cancer. It's been a rough road for you lately and this hot runny treat will take your mind into another realm to enjoy pure delight.


The Flower Cake. This beautiful cake will steal all the attention by simply being nearly as lovely as you Leo. You'll be purring soon.


Red Velvet Cake. A rich and earthy treat that will tempt you for just one bite, dear Virgo. Allow yourself to live on the edge just a little this season.


Chocolate Candy Cake. This cake is topped with chocolate candies. Libra, with your propensity to outdo yourself (and everyone else), you can begin here.


Unforgettable Cake. An open-faced Oreo cake will take you into places only a Scorpio has the courage to go. Tell us how it was when you return.


Crunchy Fruit Cake. The best of both worlds: crunchy texture, fruity flavor. Go on an adventure Sagittarius, let your taste buds take you there.


Chocolate Waterfall Cake. This cake is topped with melted chocolate and candy. No one deserves this decadent treat more than you, Capricorn. Dig in.


Rainbow Cake. A rainbow cake breaks all the rules, Aquarius. You can have a little bit of every color, with lots left to share.


Match Cake. This beauty is covered in Swiss meringue and fresh flowers. It is a dream come true, Pisces.

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