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Weekend Adventures for Every Sign of the Zodiac

Photograph by Getty Images

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's the perfect time to hit the road for a weekend adventure. The US has lots of locations for the curious tourist who wants to be entertained and wouldn't mind learning a thing or two while taking a mini-break. Which city offers you the right combination of fun, sights, and historical interest according to your astrological sign?


A weekend visit to Philadelphia, PA, will offer an Aries the opportunity to enjoy one the nation's most historical cities—it served as the country's temporary capital from 1790–1800. Beginnings are your thing Aries. Wouldn't it be great to take a weekend vacation and visit the town of our founding fathers?


Washington D.C. will tantalize all your senses in a multitude of ways, Taurus. The beauty of the city is breathtaking during spring, even if the cherry blossoms are not in bloom! The historical buildings, monuments, museums, and theater will put you on overload for one weekend; you may need to take two trips.


Santa Rosa, CA, will give you chance to do what you love most Gemini, have fun and relax. You can take in the historic neighborhoods and enjoy wine tasting and great meals. For a little bit of pop culture, check out the Charles M. Schulz Museum! Be prepared to make friends on this trip, the folks in Santa Rosa are friendly and ready for a tourist like you.


Boulder, CO, is a beautiful metropolis that's retained its quaint college town feel. It offers lots of ways to enjoy nature, sophisticated entertainment, and friendly residents. You'll get out of the house for weekend but the city will offer you the cozy nurturing feeling you so deeply love Cancer.


Chicago, IL, is very cosmopolitan, Leo. It offers some of the best food and entertainment you can find in this country; you have until May 10 to catch the exhibit of Van Gogh's bedroom paintings at the Art Institute. Another great thing about Chicago is its people—the residents are city folks with down-home country feel. They'll make you feel right at home.


San Francisco, CA, is an old and artistic West Coast city that sits on the bay. Virgo, you'll have your choice of walking (it's pretty hilly!) or using the city's excellent public transport system. Of course, you'll have to take a ride on an old-fashioned trolley. San Francisco is loaded with cultural events, and if you like wine, the restaurants focus on selections from the many top-of-the-line local wineries. Don't miss Muir Woods a few miles out of the city; the redwood trees will take your breath away. You really get two vacations in one!


Nashville, TN, offers two things you love most, food and music, dear Libra. This city will give you the feeling of balance you desire with fabulous entertainment (yes, you must see a show at the Grand Ole Opry!) and hearty southern fare. You'll feel like you've found a little piece of heaven.


New Orleans, LA, is a perfect weekend destination for you, Scorpio. This city offers restaurants and music galore, and there's a mystical feel to it that will pull you right in. If New Orleans had an astrological sign it would be a Scorpio. You'll be at home here.


Miami, FL, will be a great adventure for you Sagittarius, and everyone knows how much you love adventures. Take yourself on a weekend of pure fun with great food, spectacular architecture, and the beach. You might fall in love with the city and be tempted to move there, but just have a good time and let all your troubles melt away for the weekend.


A Las Vegas, NV, weekend is just what you'll love to get you mind off of work, Capricorn. A few days of nonstop entertainment is in the cards, with all the food and drinks you can consume. Add to that a little gambling, and you'll loosen up for certain. There's no chance you'll lose your shirt (you're way too practical to get carried away!), so play a little, eat a lot, and see a couple of shows.


Seattle, WA, will offer you views of a gorgeous bayside city. After checking out the town from the top of the Space Needle (just do it, why resist?), you can hipster-watch from anywhere in the city. Be sure to balance out all that coffee with some of the town's great food (salmon, cherries!) and enjoy the eclectic nightlife. The city is simply delightful and accessible.


Ashville, NC, will turn your heart inside out, Pisces. Spring is Ashville is simply breathtaking as the city comes of life with trees blossoming and nature awakening from winter's nap. You'll enjoy both nature and good southern food. Plus if beer is one of your pleasures, Ashville will give you the best you've had.

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