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How You Can Create Inner Peace at All Times

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There are those who believe peace is a function of having everything you desire, when you desire it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Peace is an inside job, and it is available to you at your choosing. It might require practice and intention to achieve, but it's certainly possible to attain a sense of peace regardless of what is going on around you. Let's take a look at the connection between your astrological chart and your sense of inner peace.


Finding peace is something you can do gracefully because you have great control over your mind and body. You understand yourself better than most, Aries, and can definitely separate your feelings from your thoughts at will. For you, freeing your mind and finding peace comes with moving your body. When you are burning energy your mind will clear and peace will reside within you.


Achieving peace may be somewhat difficult for you, as you are very connected to, and often compelled by, your senses. Having peace will ask that you feel what you feel without attaching meaning to it—nothing is good and nothing is bad. Just feel however you feel, and let it pass. As you practice this, peace will slowly but surely find its way into your mind.


Peace can be allusive for you due to your very intellectual approach to things and the dual nature of your personality. You may feel good about something in one moment and suddenly decide that you don't like it. Noticing the swings in your feelings could be a good start for you on the path to achieving inner peace. Just watch how you feel and don't project those feelings on to others. Own them and soon you'll experience moments of peace that grow over time.


Believe it or not, Cancer, your peace comes when you give yourself the opportunity to feel all your emotions and share them with a trusted confidante. Holding your feelings inside is like taking poison, and poison certainly doesn't create peace. Trust and love yourself unconditionally the way you do others. You might discover that much of what you feel is absorbed energy from all those you've been caring for.


You may feel you need the love and attention of others to experience the peace you long for, but in reality you must first give yourself that love and attention. Examine what you are feeling, and look in mirror and notice your skin, hair, and body. Tell yourself what you'd like to hear coming from another person. Self-love and nurturing will open your heart and peace will slip in.


Self-acceptance is the road you'll take to peace, Virgo. Your desire for perfection and order seem to never stop reminding you that you're not quite there yet, causing a sense of unease. Decide today that you've arrived now. You can't get better than you are now. You don't need more than you have now. And you are lovable and perfect now. This is your process toward peace.


You seek balance in all you do and that surely seems like a path to peace, but when that happy medium is not available, you can be thrown for a loop. In those times, it's best to find balance within by changing your perspective about the situation or people. You can't make everyone happy all the time and when you accept this, you'll experience inward peace, even if the outer reality isn't as pretty as you'd like.


Peace is something you can access very naturally if you are monitoring your emotions. Be sure that you are not overreacting to those who are close to you. Know that nothing is ever personal, Scorpio, and if you perceive it as such, the adjustment needed is within you. Do what you do best, take the time to be alone and shift your thinking. Peace is an inside game that you know how to win.


The best thing you can do to achieve peace is to understand that not everyone can handle the truths you see and share so freely. You are wise, perceptive, and honest, and these attributes are gifts—but only when they can be received. When you're speaking to others, determine whether their ears and hearts are open first, and take it from there. You're perceptive nature must be balanced by discretion to truly be of service.


Your path to peace is twofold. Number one is self-forgiveness. If you miss your desired mark, rather than beating yourself up, consider forgiving yourself. You know you give and do your best at all times, trust that that is enough. Number two is a willingness to ask for help. If you aren't meeting your timelines or goals, ask for help and trust that people are capable of assisting you. Giving yourself a break, and not berating yourself for doing so, will build peaceful feelings over time.


Dear Aquarius, if you could give to yourself half as much as you give to others you'd experience fulfillment and peace. You easily see where others are lacking and work to fill those gaps. Thank you. Now do the same for yourself. You'll feel less stressed and with a full tank, you're better able to serve. Love begins with yourself.


Creativity is your path to a peaceful mind, Pisces. You may want to express yourself artistically, but you may have another way of being creative. You have an innovative approach to everything, just let it flow. Your peace of mind will run like a river.

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