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5 Things to Know about Cancer Friends

Photograph by Getty Images

Cancers are ruled by the moon and the symbol for their sign is the crab. If you have friends who are Cancers there a several distinct traits you'll do well to understand as these people have lots to offer to those they consider friends.

1. Cancers are often loners

Don't be surprised if your Cancer friends seem to disappear every so often. Cancers simply need alone time because they are deeply sensitive to the energies and moods of everyone around them. When they feel overloaded they will retreat, and they might not give you notice of their intention. It is not personal, but just a way for them to conserve their energetic resources.

2. Strong intuition

Those born under the sign of Cancer have very powerful intuition and can detect what is going on with others, especially those they love. Be mindful that your Cancer friend has a bead on what is happening with you but won't reveal this information until you share it openly.

3. Nurturing

Cancers are extraordinarily nurturing and mothering. If you have Cancer friends and they have children, they are excellent parents; they're loving, creative, and empowering. If they don't have children, they can be obsessed with the need to care for someone. Their nurturing energy must find a way to express. With this in mind be sure to allow them to nurture and love you, it's in their DNA.

4. Home is where Cancer's heart is

If you have a Cancer friend, please be aware that her home is her everything, and that is where she prefers to be. Those who live in her home are her responsibility (at least in her mind), and she will protect them at all costs. A Cancer will host many events, holidays, and gatherings in her home; she knows it will be done well and to her standards. Guests feel safe and comfortable when at a Cancer's place.

5. Deeply emotional

Cancers' emotions run deep and are very real to them. Trust that what a Cancer feels strongly about will eventually manifest. They have a tendency to judge themselves for having such strong emotions, until they accept themselves as perfect as they are. Being ruled by the moon is the energy that drives their emotions. It's science.

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