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5 Things to Know About Your Friends Who Are Virgos

Photograph by Getty Images

Virgos are unique, quirky, and valuable friends, and if you have Virgos for friends you probably get a kick out of their personalities. A Virgo's main desire in any relationship is to be of service. When a Virgo can't help people close to them in some form or fashion, an inner war breaks out within them and it might feel like devastation is soon to follow. Here are five things you should know about your Virgo friends:

1. Keen observers

If you have the courage to ask where you need improvement in areas of health, organization, and personal growth, ask your Virgo friend to help you get clarity. You can be sure that your Virgo friend sees your shortcomings or the places where you hold yourself back. Without a request from you, it's not likely she would tell you, even though she's eager to help you achieve your goals. Virgos always see what is missing and have the answers and the solutions.

2. Health conscious

Virgos are unusually fixated on healthy living. They need to know the ingredients before they eat something, and it's not unlike a Virgo to ask lots of questions about a meal if someone else prepared it. They'll happily pass on foods that don't meet their standards. Virgos are often very physically fit and spend lots of time exercising and participating in events dedicated to health and well-being, but they don't mind if that isn't your thing.

3. Make changes easily

Your Virgo friend may seem fixated on an idea, but then suddenly change her mind because she's learned some new information or had a personal revelation. A Virgo is mutable; she can change with the wind. In one moment she can stand for one thing and in the next moment have the opposite opinion. This may make her seem sort of shallow, but she has reasons for her thoughts and actions and will be able to clearly explain them.

4. Stylish

Virgos love to look good, and while they're often very stylish, they're not trendy. A Virgo's style is individual and clever, but will also have a timeless quality. It's unlikely that a Virgo will dress obviously sexy, but she has a natural sex appeal that will come across even in the most demure attire.

5. Seemingly shy

Initially a Virgo can come across as shy, but this couldn't be further from the truth. A Virgo will generally just observe and take everything in before she reveals her true self. Virgos need to see what value they can add or how they can serve before they open their mouths and just start talking. If she doesn't feel that she can contribute meaningfully to the conversation, she may just kick back and listen. Sooner or later someone will ask her opinion, and she'll freely share hoping to say something that can make a difference in someone's experience.

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