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5 Things to Know About Friends Who Are Leos

Photograph by Getty Images

Those born under the sign of Leo are some of the best people to befriend. If fun is important in your friendships, then Leo friends will light up your world and your calendar. Here's what to expect if you spend your time with a Leo:

1. Everything must be oversized
It's not often that a Leo will shrink to make others feel comfortable. They like doing things big, and they'll spend the money required to make sure every event is just so. Unless you have exquisite taste in food and entertainment venues, let your Leo friends pick the places you eat and hang out at. If your budget is limited, be honest and a Leo is sure to find the nicest, but coolest place you can afford.

2. Attention seeking
Leo is ruled by the sun, which, as you know, is at the center of things (at least in our solar system). Accordingly, Leos feel best when they are the center of attention and all eyes are on them. This is why many Leos excel in the arts or achieve great success in their field; doing so garners them the attention they desire.

3. Generous

Leos tend to be very generous, and they'll give whatever they have to support a friend. But be mindful that a Leo's gift is rarely unconditional. In return, Leos will want your attention; they want to feel very special to you and to have your deep gratitude.

4. Loyal
Leos are loyal and forgiving. They have an enduring capacity that allows them to stay the course with their friends and family members. They don't tend to hold grudges and are willing to start again should things go astray. Leos hold confidences very well and you can discuss nearly anything with a Leo without feeling judged. Their loyalty is a beautiful and rare quality.

5. Hard working

As much as Leos like to play, do big things, and have a great time, none of these traits compares with a Leo's work ethic. So don't expect a Leo to drop anything dealing with work in order to hang out. Leos' work is very much connected to their sense of self and their desire to shine. This means they work hard to get the acknowledgment they desire (and deserve!).

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