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5 Things to Know About Your Scorpio Friends

Photograph by Getty Images/EyeEm

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of sex, death, and wealth. Yes, the things we fear and refuse to discuss are Scorpios' playground, making them very interesting friends. What five things should you know about having a Scorpio as a friend?

1. Sexy

Yes indeed, Scorpios are sexy, but this quality goes far beyond the physical. Scorpios desire emotional intensity, connection, and experiences that most would run from. Scorpios don't hide their bodies, not because they are attention seeking or sexually promiscuous, but rather because they feel good about themselves and comfortable in sexy clothing. They do what makes them feel good and rarely with any thought or care about what others will think.

2. Stress management

Scorpios are great at digging themselves out of the toughest situations. It's as though they have magic in their bones. Anything that smells like defeat wakes them into action, and they will thrive. Job loss, heartbreak, illness, and financial difficulties are the areas where Scorpio ignites, and your Scorpio pal will make lemonade out of lemons. Don't worry about your Scorpio friend, she'll always land on her feet.

3. Suspicious

Scorpios can be suspicious. In that way they're both great investigators and very sensitive friends. If Scorpios believe someone is out to harm them, it's difficult to convince them otherwise. They will watch every movement, listen to every word, and even pay attention to body language, to prove their point.

4. Private

Scorpios are usually very private about their lives and don't easily allow people to get behind the curtain. Even if your Scorpio friend trusts you, she'll never be entirely transparent. This is probably just as well, because the deepest inner workings of a Scorpio can be a lot for others to handle. With this in mind, take what your friend shares, and let what's private remain so.

5. Love for passion

Okay everyone loves sex, and so do Scorpios, but not for the reason most people love sex. What a Scorpio desires is the entire process, which can be very animalistic, hot, raw, and passionate; she wants to feel the energy and intensity of the experience with another living being. For Scorpio, the orgasm is just a small part of the sexual encounter, but the intensity is present throughout.

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