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5 Things to Know About Your Friends Who Are Sagittarians

Photograph by Getty Images/Blend Images

In general, Sagittarians are super-fun, and they are likely to have great ideas about how to have a good time. However, if you have a friend who's a Sagittarian, I bet you find yourself wondering, "What made her say that?" or "Is she angry with me?" on various occasions. If this is true, this list of five things you should know about Sagittarian friends will put your mind at ease.

1. Active

Your Sagittarian friends are explorers by nature. When they are not doing something, they're thinking about what is next for them. Sagittarians do not let any grass grow beneath their feet, and if you need help completing a task, call your Sagittarian friends. They are happy to oblige, so long as someone else hasn't already booked them.

2. Unfiltered

If you are sensitive and don't have a layer of tough skin, beware of your Sagittarian friends. They do not have a sensitivity detector, and will say whatever comes to their minds. They do not cushion their words or thoughts for their audience. Don't take it personally, because it's not personal.

3. Well-meaning

In spite of item 2 above, Sagittarians do not mean to hurt the feelings of their friends. If anything it's just the opposite, they mean to make others laugh or just share how they see things. With Jupiter as their rulers, Sagittarians are genuinely good natured. They are as harmless as a puppy that has no idea how sharp his little teeth can be.

4. Spontaneous

Sagittarians are spontaneous and will make decisions without considering every angle. They exhibit this behavior most often when their hearts are involved. If they love someone or something, they will instantly make pretty big choices—no one is more likely to get married in a Vegas chapel than a Sagittarian. It can be exciting, but also a little scary if you're a good friend.

5. Roaming heart

Of course, not every Sagittarian is unfaithful, but these folks love the energy of love, and their hearts tend to roam. Sagittarians just can't help enjoying new experiences and meeting new people. They're addicted to the feeling of freshness, and this can be difficult in a long-term steady relationship. If want your friendship to endure, do your best to keep the sense of adventure alive. You might also be a great friend who can talk openly about her roaming heart in a safe and nonjudgmental way.

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