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5 Things to Know About Your Friends Who Are Aquarians

Photograph by Getty Images

Friendship is an Aquarian's domain. Aquarians are quirky, likable, and lots of fun to be around. And if you're friends with an Aquarian, here are some things you should know about having Aquarians as buddies.

1. Independent

Aquarians are fiercely independent, and they walk to the beat of their own drum. Something about them always stands out in a crowd; they're not attention seeking, they're just different from most people. An Aquarian's core desire is to be free and that is something that is expressed uniquely within each Aquarian. Basically anything that makes her feel restricted will be abandoned in honor of her independence. With this is mind, the best way to be friends with Aquarians is to join them in their search for self-determination.

2. Contribute to others' lives

Aquarian friends always have the capacity to help you in the way you need to be helped. If there is something that will improve your life and make you happy, your Aquarian friend will likely have the one ingredient you need and no one else can offer. Their symbol is the water bearer, because they offer what is needed to sustain you.

3. Stubborn

Yep, Aquarians are stubborn. Their stubbornness is a function of their rebellious nature and resistance to conform to any ideas that are not their own. You'll be hard pressed to get an Aquarian to change her mind about something she believes in. Aquarians shift in their own time and when it feels true for them, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

4. Humble

Aquarians are some of the humblest people you'll ever meet. They are not at all attached to possessions and rarely will a thing have great meaning to them. They are also not moved by status and they don't care about what others do and have. An Aquarian can own the most expensive diamond in the world, but it's unlikely that you'd know it.

5. Generosity

If you are friends with Aquarians, then you're aware of their capacity to be endlessly generous. They hold nothing so dear as their ability to share and make others feel good, appreciated, and honored. So be careful when you compliment your friend's earrings, unless you want them for yourself, because they will find their way into your possession if your Aquarian friend can help it.

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