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5 Things to Know About Your Sagittarius Moon Child

Photograph by Getty Images/Blend Images

By knowing your child's moon sign, you learn about the personality traits to expect from his or her, because the moon sign determines a child's emotional imprint. If your child has a moon in Sagittarius, you've got a happy and adventure-seeking child on your hands, As a parent, you should expect your child to be:

1. Optimistic

Optimism is an interesting quality to identify in a child, but for the most part, children with a Sagittarius moon are generally positive regardless of what is occurring in their worlds. They just see all the reasons to be happy. On the occasions where they may hurt themselves or not get what they want, they bounce back very quickly and are on to the next happy adventure.

2. Active

These children need to play outdoors a lot. It might be tempting to allow them a good deal of screen time, but be sure to manage this. Too much screen time of the latter will make these naturally happy children unruly due to energy overload. Sagittarian moon children need to run, jump, swing, kick rocks, and just play hard. They need to get close to nature often so they can defuse the extra energy Jupiter gives them.

3. Free speaking

You might be little embarrassed when these children start talking and asking questions. Sagittarian moon children have a need to speak whatever is on their minds. The saying "from the mouths of babes," undoubtedly originated with someone with a Sagittarius moon child. These kids will ask a woman with a large belly if she's pregnant. They are innocent and curious, and likely will never lose these qualities. People will be offended; you will apologize time and time again. Just take a deep breath and keep moving. It's a gift and a curse.

4. Impulsive

Parenting a child with a Sagittarius moon means many surprises, because these kids will act without thinking. Be sure to always hold their hands in park structures, or when pets are around, because they will move faster than you can say your own name.

5. Competitive

Their love for adventure and need for outdoor play means they will usually thrive in organized sports. Put your Sagittarius moon child on the team as soon as he or she can run without falling. They need to compete and push themselves. You will have a lifelong athlete in this child, so be that a sport he or she loves is part of the experience. Get ready to make lots of road trips through the years.

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